When Brains Collide

Allow me to mentally process what transpire recently... Dignity and courage were the true measure of a man. 

Just how much are you willing to fight for a cause?
   It was an eye-opener....that it isn't about money nor prestige that matter in this world but dignity. Some heroes are actually villain in disguise. It hurts to hear the truth and pride could suck you in...for a purpose that doesn't mean a thing. In everything there are reasons....most of them valid...at least, for now.
   The learned argue causes while the fools decide them. 

   Recently there had been much controversy going on inside 4S. Finally Pops decided to remove Aubrey from the site...it's a good decision since she had been very inconsistent from the start and had hidden agenda within the group. Now there's no way I would get my prizes. The 4 Season tournament had been a sham and I just wasted my energy on that contest. After more than a year, her maneuvering had to be stop.  

   I prefer not to linger on bad things for this year...I am more concern now in upgrading my artistry and it's a good start for me this year since my Sirena version came as one of the 12 finalist. My facepainting gig too was becoming more and more popular here in Laguna. 

   I was not able to update more often due to slow connection via internet... I guess I even wasted buying Sun wi-fi for a thousand bucks. 

Do you not realized how consuming this passion we had for arts? The hunger to buy and test every materials and medium. Then you spend years on trials and errors coupled with sleepless nights. Some even go to formal training to learn a few tricks. Also the need to attend exhibitions or join contest to gain contacts and connections with spices of regrets for not trying and frustrations for trying.
Then people close to you will accuse you of not getting a real job. 

Ahhh the price you have to pay for following your heart. <3 font="">


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