Illuminating Mode Again

Once more into research, reading mode and reaffirming my Faith in God. 

   I've been trying to create and set the mood for my artistry these past days....after Lady Samurai I guess I've reach certain level of plateau.... the enthusiasm to do portrait isn't there.... I'm on a Pause mode. Although I did a couple of brush and pencil stroke....

   My digicam broke.... it doesn't even reach a full-month of service. Now I have to look for someone who can repair it. 

   Who would want an argument against millions of hallucinating fanatics? I dare not say anything about it.... I remain silent. But who will tell them if we silence the truth? Maybe we should pray more often for the lost and it is my focus now to Soul-Winning. 

   The not so cooperative internet signal on my area since 2015 enters pushes me search other sites.... pages that I have not visited lately since I've focus on my artistry last year. This year is very significant on my Christian life..... I just knew it, something big is being concocted out there by the globalist. I have not written down anything on Wisdom of a Fool blog except copy pasting info I've seen on most of my research sites and they are not many.... perhaps I need to reflect some more, since I've been into secular advancement than that of my heavenly destiny. 
   Perhaps I've freezes somehow and be more loose in accepting another person's view about God and salvations. Yet, recently after reading I realized it is not helping in the sharing of true Gospel of the Kingdom of God. 

   There hasn't been so many project to loosen up...I emptied the end part of January for 4S activities and the promises of the business elite group could actually change the path from where I should be going. It could mean abandonment also of some basic practices.... but it shouldn't be the case. I can not lost my salvation. Never. 
   I can not recall also how many months I've last went to JIL service.... but I always pushes my family to be there for the Word of God. Their level of understanding about religion is still minimal and that of a babe, and so it's okay to let it be just for now. Eventually, I wish they would come to discover the true face of the wicked world we live in. Some people take the Word of The Lord less seriously. 

   The center of my life isn't about Art but it has always been my desire to serve and know God. To live according to His teaching. To understand wisdom and be called as true Children of God. Wisdom is very important in life. 

   Earlier my conscience tell me that I should give offering to God's church...but what church now that I have some doubt about my sect now? In fact, almost all religion and denominations had flaws. Where in the world is the real Church of God? 

   I don't have to imperil the life of my love one and friends becasue of my faith.... I knew my Christian mindset isn't going to be popular with the worldly pseudo-Christianity. And I should expect that persecution is inevitable and that I will be hated because of this strange mindset.... it is strange only because the general popular worldview was so distorted  it does not recognized the true Word of God. Jesus said, His own sheep hear his voice. It was the hardness of people heart that cloud the truth . They want convenience rather than salvation and service to God which require sacrifices and Laws to follow. 

   Am I clean? Not really... I have some faulty lifestyle too...and that I wish to correct, so I want to re-affirm my faith in God. To search for more or return to the old path of righteousness. Not worldly righteousness and humanitarian conduct but Godly perspective and wisdom.
   I will wait for your work in me.... OH LORD GOD. 


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