Unfamiliar Spirits

I've just wrestled with death Thursday morning (Jan. 22) and thought it was the end of me. I've just seen death before my eyes. The powerful name of Jesus brought me back to life. Thank God for a new gift of life...

   I'm not feeling good these past days with heaviness on my neck and shoulder parts..and occasional jolting on my stomach pushing the lower part of my heart with pressured pains. That night of Wednesday just before I went to bed I over ate but I can not fight with my sleepiness....it was a mistake that I let the flesh won that moment....I didn't even asked for protection....
   I really don't know what happened exactly that early morning but I was struggling with the spirit of death...a heavy black being pressing me.... I made a fight, I shout... my wife Bhel panicked, I heard her caling Elijah, my son jump at me with my wife wrestling me to settle dawn... I was fighting....Elijah described me later as a sort of reptilian creature that time.... my eyes bulging and all veins protruding like that of Hulk. 
   I was yelling but they said I was only groaning.... I can feel the spirit wanting to take me...it was throwing me to the wall... my son and Bhel trying to pin me to bed.  They locked me.... for the very first time in my life I've been this afraid...scared face to face with death... my spirit yearning, my own flesh power was nothing...then I heard Bhel murmuring "In Jesus name." repeatedly.....
   Yes "Jesus" my consciousness realized  and recognized My Lord. I respond "Yes, In Jesus name" twice...immediately the angel of death left me... I was sweating and crying all over me.... 
   .... and I vomit..... it was a relief..... Jesus Christ name.
  I've just experience the power of God once again. Amen. 

  And that's the difference of those people with faith in God. This morning I heared the next door neighbor yelling and shouting.... They were hysterical. Their brother died.... they said he was groaning that morning too....could be a nightmare too like I had experience... it was an agonizing moment which perhaps God allowed me to experience.  

   Psalm 23 never felt more meaningful to me once again.... it's good to know that I have weapon with me.... against the work of enemies and I can even conquer death. I prayed.....the simplest prayer coming from the heart. 

   Thank you once again Father GOD. In Jesus Name. 


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