Thursday, February 27, 2014

16th Kulayang Musmos

How was that? I Level up being a judge for on-the-spot painting contest at Obando, Bulacan. I feel so very very honored to be chosen as judge for Kulayang Musmos; a project of Sining Obando for this 2014 Art Month. 
   Feb 23...I have to wake up really early for a long a place I've never been before Obando....or probably, when I was at a very young age I was there.... Obando is famous for fertility dance anyway.
   The above pastel work is an Interaction with Sining Obando artist.... Thank you guys it was a memorable experience. Congrats also to participants of Kulayang Musmos!!!
   I'll try to upload image of that event later...kinda late on blogging. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Artists' are public figure and we really should be extra cautious on what we say or do. Well, in any case, as a Christian we had to fear damnation. 

I lost track of time yesterday Feb 19 doing the Special MC....starting around lunchtime till dawn the next day. When things are going as you expect you are recharge and unmindful of hunger and time...unlike the commission for Martin who had given me the hard time...uhhh anyway, I already had the money he sent via my wife's account and will need to buy some additional request which I feel I'm overused...again, everything you bring to the world has to return back to you either good or bad. 

As I was sayin'; the special master's challenge was once again sponsored by Gloria S for her Fil-German daughter. It came so smooth and according to what I intend to capture. Feel so proud of my self...Glory to God who has given me this gift. I can sense already that indeed it would rocket me to higher grounds.

I just remember being so depressed the first time I presented my work and got bad evaluations. Now, I realized, I have so much to time was yet to be honed then. Mostly are lessons learned thru pain and hardships.
How I wandered around just to earn a few pesos out of henna paint and no one minds me...then that humiliating experience in Pasay City when the Barangay Captain warn me sternly not to tattoo...
There were nightmares. Groanings and surrendering. Even family member doesn't believe in me anymore. I crumble and almost gave me...
Thanks somehow I've met people...and I will always be grateful to them. 

Why I'm telling these now? I have to remind myself that I am nothing without God. All the hardship is slowly being repaid now. 

Once again, I thank God and the people who bring me here. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Keep The Blessings Rolling

I have to watch YouTube for proper folding of corners. My actual first time to make gallery wrap canvas and it's pretty cool that I actually done it with minor flaws but anyway, I can do better next time. 
I've been quite comfortable on paper surfaces and perhaps I have to deal more on canvases. Yup I did some canvas pieces earlier but I just spread them on flat board or plywood. I can call this a milestone.

I feel so bless that now I don't have to be guilty whenever I buy painting materials. The freedom to finally be proud of my profession. 

Thanks to my sponsors...

Glory to God. Whatever is ahead of me, I had proven and trust wholeheartedly that God will be there for me. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Surfs, Breeze, and Freezes

Business Trip up North with Master JJ. Monday Feb 10 we left for a mural project negotiated by Edmund...Oh a wowser place at San Juan, La Union. Dubbed as the surfing capital of the Philippines...or is it? I think it was Siargao...Anyway, it was such a lovely place. With the Mad Hatters of 4S:Master JJ, me, and Edmund this mural project somehow kickstart the good fortune for this year. 
   Ana the co-owner and wife of the Australian who funded and conceptualized this resort...was one of the nicest person I've met. A good manager I should say. Gave us free hotel accommodation for 3 nights with classy meal in the evening but in the afternoon are usually Ilocano veggies where they are known for. Plus open bar on beer. What can you ask for?

   Ohhhh the weather sculpting ice on my bones...truly cold somewhere around 15-17 degrees as the sea breeze swirls even in mid afternoon with the sparkling white surf. 
The finish product a 40.5 feet mural. Satisfied...

I learn a lot working with Master Jose Jimenez...he is truly a great guy.

Then we also visited Ric Sanchez up the mountains of Baguio City on February 14...a day for lovers, and SM was jammed pack with daters. It was an hour trip from Agoo, La Union to the summer capital. I just survive 11 degrees in the evening and probably much lower as it reaches dawn. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Squeezes of Positive Charges

Now projects are rushing in and surrounding me in various form....compounding on all sides and it seems I would be needing to duplicate myself. As I've said, and now realizing that I can not embrace everything and anything at the same time. 

   I have to identify the clog where it is coming from...then perhaps solve the time constraint issues. I have two schedule of facepainting next week which falls on saturday and sunday respectively But there was this mural project in La Union. So what do I do? 

   By the way, Martini already saw the on-going work...and it seems he approved what I have done and request only little add-ons. To change his cap, the one we call palos here... the same artist cap Pops gave to me. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

On Somebody Elses Eyes Today

On 2nd retouch for Special Celebrity MC and it doesn't feel and look the same as yesterday.... so I have to stop...or pause...maybe later...

   As long as I can still purchase materials, I will continue painting. Not many month ago I've whispered to myself that I will stop painting once I consumed the painting set without any positive results. To this point I should say that; perhaps this saying wont pursue...

   How many times have a I started a Visual Manuscripts and paused? The worst is, as mood shifts; some of this effort was simply wasted as I change my mind. 

   A wasteful process...that's how human create. Trials and errors with lots of inspirational summoning. Now I would not be calling my effort as wated...something happened and learned in the process. 

Things Looking Down?
Try Looking Up.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

When You Want to Give it All

Around 10 hours of non-stop painting doing my entry for Special MC. Yesterday I started the primer paint and this one was in four layers of coating. Instead of verdaccio I used here burnt sienna as my dead layer or under-painting. 

I overheard that you should turn the reference upside down to see if your painting are identical already. Helpful tips but I remember it a little late, i should have use the same technique during the preliminary sketches. Anyway, I am satisfied so far with what I had achieve for today. 

Update on Sporadic Randomness 2....

Update on commissioned painting...

No life is hopeless unless Christ is ruled out.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Spontaneous Reflex and other stuff

The fourteenth visual journal is here...despite lots and lots of contemplations if I truly have to make another one. After the 13th (probably more than that, I've lost track) that are all in WIP form; I'm not sure if my effort are worth it. It has to amount into something one day. 
   Long title: Spontaneous Reflex in the Afterglow of Random Affair. SRITAGORA.
   Let's see if I wont change mood on this project.
   Anyway, for today I made this...

   Just sharing....and perhaps for record purposes too:

And memories...

Finding The Right Medium

    Looking for the right medium 
   A painter must at least understand all kinds of medium. Getting acquainted with various paint on how it behaves. We must all take into consideration surfaces. Some paint brand are better than others, although this is an important factor we must also be versatile in handling different pigment. Real artist must be able to create whatever resources is available.
   The effectiveness of an artwork does not rely on good subject only, but finding the right material as well. Another area which one must look into is that colors have its own attitude. Most pigment tends to fade at latter time, and that colors may become dull in certain conditions. 
   I usually adjust with the kind of materials I had. Good balance of binders and pigment...

   I'm more at ease on paper than canvas...I don't know if it's a paradigm but I can spread better on paper. Yet, perhaps it was the kind of materials that I've used also. Like when I painted on the pre-painted canvas the result was smooth sailing. 

   Just saying....not sure if I will create a masterpiece today...can not describe the feeling I am inside now. I had mixed emotions today, after yesterday facepainting at Don Bosco School in Sta. Rosa. I brought Elijah as my assistant so he would know how the system work on my job, probably I can pass the torch on him. Yet the way I see it as of know...he had long way to go. 

   Pushing the commissioned portrait no matter what...I've reach my level on this, probably not the summit but I exert already what I know. Perhaps, the subject was my greatest detour. Yet this is how you get finances and promos. 

   And by the way, I started another visual article please. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Evolutionary Spices, The Energy Exchanges

Finally I had to separately name my first Sporadic Randomness...usually on my case; when it comes to doing series of work the first creation should bear the title of the collections. But I have to label this work just the recall, how this new project begun in the first place. Where rule of the thumb was they generally call oil on canvas pieces as the medium used even though they have to paint it first in acrylic. So other minor ingredients are deducted. Like as I applied here a little dash of color-pencils to soften or highlight the shades. 
   So I title this piece as Evolutionary Spices.

Well....I'll be explaining some of the items I've sculpt in here. The number 5, around five years as freelance artisan. Why that girl had a green scar? That is the verdaccio method. The wood will of course characterized my styles. 

  This piece is covered in four layers of acrylic gloss varnish. Did I like the result? Can not tell at this moment. 

   The Universe as they sell is pure energy; some are negative and postive way of drawing-out or gathering 'positive" energy is thru appreciation of beauty. Once we know how to appreciate beauty without robbing another person's energy we will send out more positive energy to people around us. 
   Once we steal another human beings energy it will resist and therefore create conflict or negative charges. 

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