Evolutionary Spices, The Energy Exchanges

Finally I had to separately name my first Sporadic Randomness...usually on my case; when it comes to doing series of work the first creation should bear the title of the collections. But I have to label this work just the same...to recall, how this new project begun in the first place. Where rule of the thumb was expanded...as they generally call oil on canvas pieces as the medium used even though they have to paint it first in acrylic. So other minor ingredients are deducted. Like as I applied here a little dash of color-pencils to soften or highlight the shades. 
   So I title this piece as Evolutionary Spices.

Well....I'll be explaining some of the items I've sculpt in here. The number 5, around five years as freelance artisan. Why that girl had a green scar? That is the verdaccio method. The wood will of course characterized my styles. 

  This piece is covered in four layers of acrylic gloss varnish. Did I like the result? Can not tell at this moment. 

   The Universe as they sell is pure energy; some are negative and postive charges...one way of drawing-out or gathering 'positive" energy is thru appreciation of beauty. Once we know how to appreciate beauty without robbing another person's energy we will send out more positive energy to people around us. 
   Once we steal another human beings energy it will resist and therefore create conflict or negative charges. 

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