Finding The Right Medium

    Looking for the right medium 
   A painter must at least understand all kinds of medium. Getting acquainted with various paint on how it behaves. We must all take into consideration surfaces. Some paint brand are better than others, although this is an important factor we must also be versatile in handling different pigment. Real artist must be able to create whatever resources is available.
   The effectiveness of an artwork does not rely on good subject only, but finding the right material as well. Another area which one must look into is that colors have its own attitude. Most pigment tends to fade at latter time, and that colors may become dull in certain conditions. 
   I usually adjust with the kind of materials I had. Good balance of binders and pigment...

   I'm more at ease on paper than canvas...I don't know if it's a paradigm but I can spread better on paper. Yet, perhaps it was the kind of materials that I've used also. Like when I painted on the pre-painted canvas the result was smooth sailing. 

   Just saying....not sure if I will create a masterpiece today...can not describe the feeling I am inside now. I had mixed emotions today, after yesterday facepainting at Don Bosco School in Sta. Rosa. I brought Elijah as my assistant so he would know how the system work on my job, probably I can pass the torch on him. Yet the way I see it as of know...he had long way to go. 

   Pushing the commissioned portrait no matter what...I've reach my level on this, probably not the summit but I exert already what I know. Perhaps, the subject was my greatest detour. Yet this is how you get finances and promos. 

   And by the way, I started another visual article please. 


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