Surfs, Breeze, and Freezes

Business Trip up North with Master JJ. Monday Feb 10 we left for a mural project negotiated by Edmund...Oh a wowser place at San Juan, La Union. Dubbed as the surfing capital of the Philippines...or is it? I think it was Siargao...Anyway, it was such a lovely place. With the Mad Hatters of 4S:Master JJ, me, and Edmund this mural project somehow kickstart the good fortune for this year. 
   Ana the co-owner and wife of the Australian who funded and conceptualized this resort...was one of the nicest person I've met. A good manager I should say. Gave us free hotel accommodation for 3 nights with classy meal in the evening but in the afternoon are usually Ilocano veggies where they are known for. Plus open bar on beer. What can you ask for?

   Ohhhh the weather sculpting ice on my bones...truly cold somewhere around 15-17 degrees as the sea breeze swirls even in mid afternoon with the sparkling white surf. 
The finish product a 40.5 feet mural. Satisfied...

I learn a lot working with Master Jose Jimenez...he is truly a great guy.

Then we also visited Ric Sanchez up the mountains of Baguio City on February 14...a day for lovers, and SM was jammed pack with daters. It was an hour trip from Agoo, La Union to the summer capital. I just survive 11 degrees in the evening and probably much lower as it reaches dawn. 


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