Artists' are public figure and we really should be extra cautious on what we say or do. Well, in any case, as a Christian we had to fear damnation. 

I lost track of time yesterday Feb 19 doing the Special MC....starting around lunchtime till dawn the next day. When things are going as you expect you are recharge and unmindful of hunger and time...unlike the commission for Martin who had given me the hard time...uhhh anyway, I already had the money he sent via my wife's account and will need to buy some additional request which I feel I'm overused...again, everything you bring to the world has to return back to you either good or bad. 

As I was sayin'; the special master's challenge was once again sponsored by Gloria S for her Fil-German daughter. It came so smooth and according to what I intend to capture. Feel so proud of my self...Glory to God who has given me this gift. I can sense already that indeed it would rocket me to higher grounds.

I just remember being so depressed the first time I presented my work and got bad evaluations. Now, I realized, I have so much to time was yet to be honed then. Mostly are lessons learned thru pain and hardships.
How I wandered around just to earn a few pesos out of henna paint and no one minds me...then that humiliating experience in Pasay City when the Barangay Captain warn me sternly not to tattoo...
There were nightmares. Groanings and surrendering. Even family member doesn't believe in me anymore. I crumble and almost gave me...
Thanks somehow I've met people...and I will always be grateful to them. 

Why I'm telling these now? I have to remind myself that I am nothing without God. All the hardship is slowly being repaid now. 

Once again, I thank God and the people who bring me here. 


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