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Another Realizationism: GENESIS

Aristotle mention Self-Realizationism or Self-Actualization that covers a wide area of study that includes ethics, friendship, philos, etc....I am not conversant on the subject so I will not compare my theory on his. This is a separate study and in fact when I discover and applied the term Realizationism into my Art, I have never heard the term before.
BACKGROUND    Web search lead me to about 3,950 results about Realizationism. Google search list my blog as the first link on the subject. So perhaps, I could give a little Historical footnote on how this term came to my mind.
SELF-SEARCH    In College where it all started....after the workshop for Visual Arts at CCP I went into self-discovery to find my own style. "You'll eventually discover your style no matter what." they said. Attending art exhibitions (I used to received regular invitations of art launching and all that stuff); visiting galleries; and reading books on art as much as I can.... dabbling into different mediu…

RENEWAL: Change of Paradigm

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ. -- Colossians 2:8
Our common reaction when someone tell us to "change" are expected to be associated with painful process. That is normal for human being, since our early experiences of change as a child usually came from parental figure who employ reprimand with penalty attached. There's nothing wrong in them, and the Bible support and teach such method. “He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him promptly” (Proverbs 13:24)    What I would like to emphasize here is the importance of "change" in connection with discipline. Change will require from us a painful process and a total reversal from the old habit into new perspective, or a brand new outlook in life.  Before we reach the first level of Realizationism, most of our "core" beliefs will ha…


Hurdling the conceptual and emotional dialect of a visual manifestation from pain, joy, and beauty; among others proves to be very challenging. How do you express in written language something that exist only from the heart? Transferring these experiences into symbolical images is the first step and the most crucial part. How can I share this "Realization" with concrete PROCESS to follow?    Admittedly, as a theory still in progress, Realizationism Art is an evolving process. Even if this  Art Experience came from a "divine" revelation one afternoon of 1995 (The search actually begun in 1985) I do not discount  scientific approach to measure, quantify, or evaluate my discovery to share the enlightenment in workable system.
Learning or achieving Realizationism on an artwork or any other interest (can be applied also in our daily activities) will require conscious effort from its practitioner. As I have said before  that "it is my lifetime thesis" and may act…


Cause and effect are the natural order of the universe. God put all things in order by (intelligent) design. He sets mark and standard following His own nature as The Alpha and The Omega. God will remain faithful to His word even if we are not.  "But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully" (2 Cor. 9:6)
   Since all things (that is living and non-living) abide by natural laws, I have realized the Biblical account is not excluded in that sense....miracle and mind-boggling event in the Bible can be explain in intelligent reasoning. Although we can not fully understand God now, I believe in eternity we will have that amazing opportunity to understand. Unbelievers and even believers themselves discount the possibility of anything beyond the normal senses because it is beyond reasoning. But perception is a learned phenomenon, we acquire our beliefs through experiences, since we have not yet reach …


Telling stories and experiences that was the driving force of my artistry.  The four corners of a painting platform can never contain this artist, there are too many experiences to tell and ideas to share....The desire to write is in equilibrium with my instinct to paint. Most of my early artworks are often accompanied with note and sometimes my own poetry. With that quest to capture interesting images; every encounter with lessons learned; a voice overheard on the road; a wisdom shared by a fool; and every tiny detail that demands our attention....all these and much more is what I am trying to achieved on my visual journal.
   My Visual journals are the outpouring of my heart. It is the truth....the truth as I see it. Like any other journal's that renders spontaneous after-thought. Can an after-thought be spontaneous? Moment can never be alter and there's always the possibility of mood swings; as certain during pauses or immediate matters needed instant actions. At times, I wou…


Texture, Shapes, Color and Lines when all these elements are properly organized was it safe to say a fine art?
A good Art should fall on two basic categories – Technique and Value. Technicality includes style and workmanship while Value presents theme and message. These two must bind together or a piece of work would either fall on Craft and on the other hand a piece of placard or billboard. By that we can hereby separate a masterpiece from craftsmanship.
   A well made shoes can be considered not just an equipment but an Art when style and comfort compliments; when its purpose was served. A beautifully painted portrait must succeed in portraying the character of the subject not just the life-like rendition. Is dancing an art when you’re simply swaying to music in a disco? NO. It must involve coordination, tempo, steps, synchronicity and choreography....    Art is an expression to communicate. Don’t just put object together and call it “Still-life”; not unless you enjoy what you’re doing…

ART for the Sake of Whom?

Interpreting body experience using artistic tools is quite easy if we only let the subconscious (gut-feel) or what laymen call as basic instinct. Letting honesty or personal beliefs and faith freely flow.    The caution here though is some of our points-of-views can be wrong or misguided principle we've learned within our environment. Therefore, as a Realizationist I religiously censor or filter my outpouring to other people. There are artworks I let other experience and at the same time there are pieces hidden on my closets for personal evaluation or simply to quench a thirst.    A responsible artisan would restrain his impulses, like a parent setting example for his children. Spiderman tagline goes like this: "Great power comes with great responsibility." In like manner, Multi-media of all the arts combine whether dance performances, pottery making or film showing should measure itself against "Art for Arts Sake". That line was one of Satan's ploy to derail…


Honestly, this Art form is still merely scratching the surface and I have much to learn. This is my lifetime thesis and one of the guiding principle behind Realizationism Art is the process of Learning and Unlearning.     Realization as the term connote means to realized or to fully discern, or to dissect experiences. Thus, I rarely have an individual piece, meaning most of my work are not intended for framing. I would rather express my self on my Visual Manuscript, these are journal of my experiences, what I feel at the moment, about life in general, anything and is my honest outpouring of my inner self rendered with images that struck my brain.     Through this visual deluge as I may say, I can evaluate myself or reflect on matters I have no clear understanding. Some or most of the ideas in them are maybe wrong or they may even be perverted; or some beliefs painted therein I no longer hold now, but this is to simply share that travel into Realization of Life. Realizati…

Did The Bible Tell You So?

Before I elaborate what really is The Art of Realizationism let me first clarify some terminology. I don't want to be accused of preaching another gospel or indoctrinating my reader with new idealism.  Oh God forbid that I am planning to make a new religion. At this stage I want to make it clear because some of you might have bad impression about words with ism in the end, like Paganism, Communism, Darwinism and so on and so forth.  I adhere to Biblical teachings and that will always be the measuring tool for me. 

   Do we find the word Realizationism then in the Bible? Of course not, but its principle were base on them. Apostle advises Christians to be Critical Thinker , here's some:    Acts 17:11 Now the Bereans were of more noble character..., for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. (v. 12 Therefore many of them believed;) 'Be Like The Bereans'    Colossians 2:8 said: Don’t let anyone …


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder....but how do we know if that so-called beauty is within the norm or offensive to others?    First, a Nude painting can be classified an Artwork if it EXALTS form, texture, color and composition. On the other hand a Pornographic material ABUSE all mentioned qualities. I did not specified beauty here to be exalted since beauty is not only seen on form or texture but of inner values as well (That would be another topic for future blogs). As I've said, Pornography violates and took advantage of another person to satifies cravings or lust; while Art shows respect on the objects such feeling as admiration can be classified within the realm of love.    A simple test can be applied: Ask yourself "Will I be comfortable watching these with my children or parents?" or rather "Will I be proud if GOD caught me with it?"

   (This is personal view of FherMission and not that of Tagged ArtLover Group, opinions on the subject can be addres…