Telling stories and experiences that was the driving force of my artistry. 
   The four corners of a painting platform can never contain this artist, there are too many experiences to tell and ideas to share....The desire to write is in equilibrium with my instinct to paint. Most of my early artworks are often accompanied with note and sometimes my own poetry. With that quest to capture interesting images; every encounter with lessons learned; a voice overheard on the road; a wisdom shared by a fool; and every tiny detail that demands our attention....all these and much more is what I am trying to achieved on my visual journal.
   My Visual journals are the outpouring of my heart. It is the truth....the truth as I see it. Like any other journal's that renders spontaneous after-thought. Can an after-thought be spontaneous? Moment can never be alter and there's always the possibility of mood swings; as certain during pauses or immediate matters needed instant actions. At times, I would really push extra effort just to jot something....and yet there are times when I can't stop my brain from producing ideas.
   Although in most cases, this manuscript are done for personal entertainment, as a self-help book to re-inspire me. Creating something out of nothing is an achievement in itself. 

   My artworks are stories, an on-going story of the daily struggle....not merely drifting with the tides, not just speaking of myself, nor fabricating beauty; it is the reflection of Humanity as a whole presented in slices.  


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