Work table with samples of Visual Journals
   Honestly, this Art form is still merely scratching the surface and I have much to learn. This is my lifetime thesis and one of the guiding principle behind Realizationism Art is the process of Learning and Unlearning. 
   Realization as the term connote means to realized or to fully discern, or to dissect experiences. Thus, I rarely have an individual piece, meaning most of my work are not intended for framing. I would rather express my self on my Visual Manuscript, these are journal of my experiences, what I feel at the moment, about life in general, anything and is my honest outpouring of my inner self rendered with images that struck my brain. 
   Through this visual deluge as I may say, I can evaluate myself or reflect on matters I have no clear understanding. Some or most of the ideas in them are maybe wrong or they may even be perverted; or some beliefs painted therein I no longer hold now, but this is to simply share that travel into Realization of Life. Realization will evolve (There would be a possibility of mood swings, or I may not finish it altogether...) Oh yes, people change but not GOD (Malachai 3:6) Nothing is permanent on this temporal planet. 

          Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. -- Matthew 24:35


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