Texture, Shapes, Color and Lines when all these elements are properly organized was it safe to say a fine art?

A good Art should fall on two basic categories – Technique and Value. Technicality includes style and workmanship while Value presents theme and message. These two must bind together or a piece of work would either fall on Craft and on the other hand a piece of placard or billboard. By that we can hereby separate a masterpiece from craftsmanship.

   A well made shoes can be considered not just an equipment but an Art when style and comfort compliments; when its purpose was served. A beautifully painted portrait must succeed in portraying the character of the subject not just the life-like rendition. Is dancing an art when you’re simply swaying to music in a disco? NO. It must involve coordination, tempo, steps, synchronicity and choreography....
   Art is an expression to communicate. Don’t just put object together and call it “Still-life”; not unless you enjoy what you’re doing. I don’t think it is fulfilling enough to put flowers, vases and fruits together then name your work “untitled”. On my opinion, anyone can learn to paint but not anyone is gifted to be an artist. 
   We must remember a painter is also a performer like all the rest of creative creatures. So if you have decided to call yourself an artist, please challenge your self beyond what you had achieved. Art is a never ending challenge and that’s the best part of being an artist.
   Well, you can act in front of the mirror without an audience, sing in the toilet without disturbing your neighbor, write a poem and hide them under your bed, but if you want to be great then don’t just be good.


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