Another Realizationism: GENESIS

   Aristotle mention Self-Realizationism or Self-Actualization that covers a wide area of study that includes ethics, friendship, philos, etc....I am not conversant on the subject so I will not compare my theory on his. This is a separate study and in fact when I discover and applied the term Realizationism into my Art, I have never heard the term before.

   Web search lead me to about 3,950 results about Realizationism. Google search list my blog as the first link on the subject. So perhaps, I could give a little Historical footnote on how this term came to my mind.
   In College where it all started....after the workshop for Visual Arts at CCP I went into self-discovery to find my own style. "You'll eventually discover your style no matter what." they said. Attending art exhibitions (I used to received regular invitations of art launching and all that stuff); visiting galleries; and reading books on art as much as I can.... dabbling into different medium as a wide range of style and theme. During the workshop I've decided already to be a watercolorist but I still explore other methods. I tried to be a genre artist, depicting ordinary contemporary scenes. I also tried abstract especially cubism. Transfer art became one of my favorite, as well as monoprint using leaves...pastels and pencil exercises of portraits. I also have a period I called my "Still-life" era doing unnotice object like broomstick, worn-shoes, or old cans some justice.
   It was during these search that I accidentally discover what I called as "Tear-out" Style while making the cover for one of my compilations...a method and style that I still carried with me now, it's directly writing on my paintings what I feel at that moment. Creating an illusion of a teared paper with letters on them. Eventually, my collections goes quickly turning an average of 3-5 works a day; these works I compiled into albums with sections and some articles regarding my searches. It was at this point that I called my work GOSPEL ART. That was around 1986 when I begun to write a book about my discovery and idea....researching and gathering sources for this new quest. Within making that book I continue making portfolio of my collections....some titles I could still recall like "Glimpse"; "The Literal Color"; "Snaps" and probably no less than a dozen books I shared with my coleague at Philippine Normal College (now PNU). 
   When I form SAPIN-SAmahan ng PIntor sa Normal (1986) it has become the testing ground for my ideas. Taking notes of various comments and some encouraging words as well. The fertile minds of my peers inspired and triggers me to be creative and the regular moot-point sessions build  some of  my future visions and set up goals. Having met people with varied political views and even different religious background carved some of the early principles of my artistry. 
    But time and circumstances lessen the intensity for making those collections....and also I either destroy or have my other work revised, until I came to a point of surrender. Some devastating incident in my life push my paintings aside.

  It took me another 10 years until I finally saw in clarity what my thesis is all about.* A distinct style and approach to life and not just on my art. The discovery I coined in 1995 as Realizationism Art. The Lord lead me to this enlightenment about why I have this core gift....this is why I am sharing to you this awakening.
   Realizationism is just another terminology, it is not a political stance nor an additional philosophical school. Let us say, this is just a brand name for the style of painting approach, as well as an approach to life in general that magnifies the importance of our core gift.  Let me remind  too that I am first and foremost a Christ-follower and would be practitioners of this art is encourage to read the Bible. If we don't agree in that matter, then stop following my blog or this Art. We will not deviate from the word of God here, most of the idea (macro and micro view) I will presents is generally measured in Christian standards. 
   I encourage my reader to check the word of God, that is the Holy Scripture....if you see error or misinterpretation coming from me, please call my attention and I am willing to accept fault for my own Spiritual growth as well. I am not a theologian and have not attended any advance Bible school, I am just a thinking man who is passionate in listening to the voice of God. That is Realizationism in essence -- the willingness to listen and the willingness to accept.

(*Other detail on the subject may come as the need arises.)


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