Saturday, September 29, 2018

Reboot, Rebranded, Realize

Probably done with my self impose exile. Licking my own wound I should say what really transpired these past days, and weeks, and months which I painstakingly had to undergo to keep on going. I knew and understood what are my limitations and forces of influence by now, and though I am still at this phase of Acceptance, I believe it's about time to relaunch my Brand of Art. 
   I've been into self-evaluation, re-educating, and renewing my skill as a painter. It is either I paint for myself or hope something better happen. Either way,  I can't give up my core functionality. Following the lectures of Stefan Baumann reconfigured my thought process which had been decaying due to my own shortcoming. I would probably even do his homework which he assigns to his students. Great art coach that can repackage you as an artist. 

   So part of that is joining the art scene again. As if signaling was that out of the blue 4S is invited by FAS-Freedom Art Society once again on its 3rd Artist's Conference....(Sept 25-26) and indeed it was truly an experience that I needed to feel. It was held at Zenricco Farm Resort in Silang, Cavite...great place is short of a description. Nature has a way of teaching you things, and meeting different characters that are somewhat a reflection of your own ego. 

So how do you reinvent a self image? Like Stefan said that we need to think as a Business establishment or something of a sort that must have clear Mission statement. How many artists would do that? 

Fernando Mission Ymas is the man behind the Art of Realizationism...basically not a visual style but a perspective about Art which applies about life in general. This lifetime thesis evolve not just around his artwork but in human relation itself. "Commit thy thoughts unto The Lord and thy thoughts shall be established"--Proverbs 16:3
Join me in this quest to a more meaningful appreciation of Art and Life.What is Realizationism Art?   First of all this art-form is a process achieved through experiential approach that deals with general issues of life and our existence as a human that seeks a divine purpose. Although basically The Art of Realizationism expresses itself with visual expressions it does not limit itself on any painting style nor methodologies and at a larger scope embraces all aspect of our life.    The process of learning and unlearning is vital in this art experience...and the artist/author therefore consider these as his Lifetime Thesis. Merging Self-evaluation and Artistic Expressions to create a relationship between the artist and his/her works.    Realizationism as an art experience extends to the spiritual level of awakening and consider Coincidence as an important tool in creating art-pieces. These coincidences which the creator prefer to call as Divine Intervention are utilized as symbols to represents experiences and therefore at the end of the day, are reflections of our inner and outer being.


Saturday, September 22, 2018

People You've Seen and Heard

And so there's this returning into a cocoon with melodies of agony over my shoulders or a tedious process just to blossom once again if such thing is possible. It is possible as I am constantly being stirred towards unexpected blessings of guidance. The path was planned....
   Thus, trusting on that blueprint where I am pastured. Away from the stencils of the dark pigment minds. The pain could be anesthetize that way.

   So I've been scanning tubes and approaching it once again like a child with variant schemes...the Grand View. Though a child that was reborn. The old me has died and a heart transplanted over my belly. 
   Being self-aware is not just enough but also how we look with the awareness of others. A serious soul-searching which I have to impose upon my will....probably what the general public knew as being exiled....
   Memorizing some passages how things work thru the lens of the worldly experts who understood and conquered this cosmos...or were allowed a glimpse,  these are so far the following.... 1. Central Focal Point  2. Eye Magnet 3. We paint lights not things...
   Well, I know more than that. How do you improve memories?

   It has become all just a charade of what they thought I should have been... I am being hidden anyway but I will persist. At least I know 

   On my agenda to paint people whom I personally admire in character. These are the people that probably most of the blues haven't seen or heard...they deserve to be....

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When painting Landscape don't paint Place, paint Atmosphere. When doing Portrait don't focus on the Face but on Character. When painting Nude never mind the Shape but highlight the Form. When painting Still-Life don't paint them as Things make it into Something. 
But when you're doing Nothing....think of Abstract things....

Bring Me To Life

Doutzen Kroes, coffee painting 
Those who think they are Great, those who knew too much, those who are well-educated...sadly, thinks Highly of themselves. 

   At certain point in your life, you have to step back and look who you really are, in the eyes of someone else. Well, I thought I am really good...or pretending to be good...or knew everything all there is to know... and then after awhile, after everything....the red pills came from the alternative medias, which were passed around as comic fools... brought me to understand that I have much more to learn. 

You can not just win all the hearts...
and then misfortunes sometimes comes in pair...even in bundles. 

Unplugged myself for awhile these past days   and painted mainly for myself... I needed the exercise well in fact getting used to being in sorrow.
   Sometime later means never....

Better to seek for Meaning than Happiness But Best to have a clean conscience. 

Saturday, September 15, 2018

How Sporadic Random Thoughts came to be and The Evolution of Fherism

Typhoon Ompong (international name: Mangkhut) is now in,...the wind blew erratically outside where I am now...PAGASA said just this evening that the eye of the 900 km-wide Ompong is expected to make landfall between 1am-3am... 
And it is here....just pass midnight. Still in its full force and not slowing down...maximum wind 205 kph and gustiness up to 255 kph moving 30 kph.
   News agency worldwide said this is between category 4 and 5...a superstorm.

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   I remember something whenever such huge storm warning occur. About styles...As far as I'm concern, style just don't have to push it. It came from acknowledge experience... most of the time coincidental.  
   On my case, a resolution to augment both uncontrollable situation and a leeway to patch up mistakes and weakness.
   I can still clearly recall how I accidentally tore an Alice Dixon portrait in watercolor that I did sometime around my self-search period which came immediately after the CCP workshop days 1985....if I could only turn back time and took real good care of my earlier works....
   It was also during that time where I started making portfolio books which I've acquired from the workshop and called them "Visual Manuscript" and I have more than a couple of dozens back then...never ending quest...but actually I did finish some. I would always isolate myself away from the world outside and pour out my feelings on those scrapbook-like collections.... the depression always settling in...Thank God, I have great faith in Him that I actually live to see this day...much stronger and accepting. 
   Those collages of memories could have been a time capsule which spans nearly half of my life. Well, actually summarizing in details things that could have been a vintage by now. But that's me...never really that careful... just destroying what I have spent years building. 
   It is not really just about styles but a personal journey...the tearing of paper and pasting of anything were actually part of my fragmented thoughts...always in search for understanding...memories that I actually barely recall. 
   I don't really have very vivid memories, especially those of my youth... I need to delete them anyway...became very selective in keeping moments... spiced with lies and cover up to hide the real pain.... pain which I can not tell even to myself. 
   And up today, I am still trying to cover up the real nothing that I have become. I only care about me, me, me. Still needing.... and then what do I really wanted anyway? 

A Series in a Single Frame
   Now as the fragment of those random thoughts became less sporadic and crossing my single pieces which I have told you before that it was rare for me to do one piece...especially now that I turn to oil and the rolls of canvases are beginning to file up and still basically the same....dependent on people to do the bidding for me. I can't even accomplish a personal project without hassle where I can dictate or truly explore my full potential. 
   At least I am moving...I think that is basically all that I can do at this point...and can't even see what's the point. 

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Yahuah God Bless!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

What is Art?

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What is Art? That illusive question that even dictionaries have different opinion. Why? Because Philosophy and the elementary principle of the world can't find reason for something that came from The Heart and Soul....

So how can we define Art, which is a Personal Gift that came from a Creator God? Which is always unique like your that when you sing Praise to Him, He will recognize that voice even if He is up in Heaven. 

So by the poetry,gracefulness, and dance of your brushstrokes...Our Father in Heaven know it's your work. It is the reflection on how you have appreciated that gift and make good use of it as well...

You can open the eyes and make them see Reality in various perspective. Art is given for your Rest as well, like a song to put you to sleep or a painting to relax your tired mind, or you can dance to awaken the senses. You can also share the beauty of creation or immortalize memories.... 

It is your Greatest Testimony, only if you wish to. He has given you Freewill to Create. God have mold you in His own image. See, you can let your imagination fly....anywhere you wish. Your vision can see what others can't see. We can not fathom God's love, so how can we measure His endless gift?

Like Jesus, you always have a Work-in-Progress and said "Behold, I make everything new..." 

You can give glory to the World for the wonderful talent you have or acknowledge back the credit to God. The choice is yours...

Are you an Artist according to the Definition of the World or according to the Great commission from Above? 

It's time to Give back the Glory to Yahuah God. 


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Monday, September 3, 2018


The Most Popular Song of Each Year (1940-2017)

Paradoxical Musing

Paradoxical Musing (detail)
Oil on 9" X 12" paper

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Latest Faces

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Muse Impressionism

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The Lifting of the Veil continues to Where am I exactly

The struggling artist had died but not the artist...the dream faded but somehow still hopeful and yet everything for the artist now is immaterial. The joy after all is being an artist in itself...the gift is nothing compared to the gratitude that lingers are  what truly matters...we keep memories as a human soul. We are here to learn and grow after all.
   Everything is temporary anyway. This is not about giving up but letting go, as I've said the "Acceptance" phase. The joy of the Lord is my strength. 
  When you realized the true nature of yourself and how near YaHuWaH God's throne really is you will have better understanding and appreciation of His love for all that He has created...and that YaHuWaH God indeed had place man at the center. 
   We are important, and how important is very much surprising for this artist. The special position we Filipinos hold in this grand drama of life...of Battle between Good and Evil...and it all started in the Place of Creation itself. God chosen people. We are The God Culture. 
   There are things therefor that we must bear no matter what...a soldiers duty...while we are here on Earth as a temporal learn and grow. 

   Don't keep too many material goals and simply life by the daily task. 

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Paradoxical Musing (detail)
Oil on 9" X 12" paper