The Lifting of the Veil continues to Where am I exactly

The struggling artist had died but not the artist...the dream faded but somehow still hopeful and yet everything for the artist now is immaterial. The joy after all is being an artist in itself...the gift is nothing compared to the gratitude that lingers are  what truly matters...we keep memories as a human soul. We are here to learn and grow after all.
   Everything is temporary anyway. This is not about giving up but letting go, as I've said the "Acceptance" phase. The joy of the Lord is my strength. 
  When you realized the true nature of yourself and how near YaHuWaH God's throne really is you will have better understanding and appreciation of His love for all that He has created...and that YaHuWaH God indeed had place man at the center. 
   We are important, and how important is very much surprising for this artist. The special position we Filipinos hold in this grand drama of life...of Battle between Good and Evil...and it all started in the Place of Creation itself. God chosen people. We are The God Culture. 
   There are things therefor that we must bear no matter what...a soldiers duty...while we are here on Earth as a temporal learn and grow. 

   Don't keep too many material goals and simply life by the daily task. 

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