Bring Me To Life

Doutzen Kroes, coffee painting 
Those who think they are Great, those who knew too much, those who are well-educated...sadly, thinks Highly of themselves. 

   At certain point in your life, you have to step back and look who you really are, in the eyes of someone else. Well, I thought I am really good...or pretending to be good...or knew everything all there is to know... and then after awhile, after everything....the red pills came from the alternative medias, which were passed around as comic fools... brought me to understand that I have much more to learn. 

You can not just win all the hearts...
and then misfortunes sometimes comes in pair...even in bundles. 

Unplugged myself for awhile these past days   and painted mainly for myself... I needed the exercise well in fact getting used to being in sorrow.
   Sometime later means never....

Better to seek for Meaning than Happiness But Best to have a clean conscience. 


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