What is Art?

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What is Art? That illusive question that even dictionaries have different opinion. Why? Because Philosophy and the elementary principle of the world can't find reason for something that came from The Heart and Soul....

So how can we define Art, which is a Personal Gift that came from a Creator God? Which is always unique like your Voice...so that when you sing Praise to Him, He will recognize that voice even if He is up in Heaven. 

So by the poetry,gracefulness, and dance of your brushstrokes...Our Father in Heaven know it's your work. It is the reflection on how you have appreciated that gift and make good use of it as well...

You can open the eyes and make them see Reality in various perspective. Art is given for your Rest as well, like a song to put you to sleep or a painting to relax your tired mind, or you can dance to awaken the senses. You can also share the beauty of creation or immortalize memories.... 

It is your Greatest Testimony, only if you wish to. He has given you Freewill to Create. God have mold you in His own image. See, you can let your imagination fly....anywhere you wish. Your vision can see what others can't see. We can not fathom God's love, so how can we measure His endless gift?

Like Jesus, you always have a Work-in-Progress and said "Behold, I make everything new..." 

You can give glory to the World for the wonderful talent you have or acknowledge back the credit to God. The choice is yours...

Are you an Artist according to the Definition of the World or according to the Great commission from Above? 

It's time to Give back the Glory to Yahuah God. 


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