People You've Seen and Heard

And so there's this returning into a cocoon with melodies of agony over my shoulders or a tedious process just to blossom once again if such thing is possible. It is possible as I am constantly being stirred towards unexpected blessings of guidance. The path was planned....
   Thus, trusting on that blueprint where I am pastured. Away from the stencils of the dark pigment minds. The pain could be anesthetize that way.

   So I've been scanning tubes and approaching it once again like a child with variant schemes...the Grand View. Though a child that was reborn. The old me has died and a heart transplanted over my belly. 
   Being self-aware is not just enough but also how we look with the awareness of others. A serious soul-searching which I have to impose upon my will....probably what the general public knew as being exiled....
   Memorizing some passages how things work thru the lens of the worldly experts who understood and conquered this cosmos...or were allowed a glimpse,  these are so far the following.... 1. Central Focal Point  2. Eye Magnet 3. We paint lights not things...
   Well, I know more than that. How do you improve memories?

   It has become all just a charade of what they thought I should have been... I am being hidden anyway but I will persist. At least I know 

   On my agenda to paint people whom I personally admire in character. These are the people that probably most of the blues haven't seen or heard...they deserve to be....

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When painting Landscape don't paint Place, paint Atmosphere. When doing Portrait don't focus on the Face but on Character. When painting Nude never mind the Shape but highlight the Form. When painting Still-Life don't paint them as Things make it into Something. 
But when you're doing Nothing....think of Abstract things....


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