Saturday, September 29, 2018

Reboot, Rebranded, Realize

Probably done with my self impose exile. Licking my own wound I should say what really transpired these past days, and weeks, and months which I painstakingly had to undergo to keep on going. I knew and understood what are my limitations and forces of influence by now, and though I am still at this phase of Acceptance, I believe it's about time to relaunch my Brand of Art. 
   I've been into self-evaluation, re-educating, and renewing my skill as a painter. It is either I paint for myself or hope something better happen. Either way,  I can't give up my core functionality. Following the lectures of Stefan Baumann reconfigured my thought process which had been decaying due to my own shortcoming. I would probably even do his homework which he assigns to his students. Great art coach that can repackage you as an artist. 

   So part of that is joining the art scene again. As if signaling was that out of the blue 4S is invited by FAS-Freedom Art Society once again on its 3rd Artist's Conference....(Sept 25-26) and indeed it was truly an experience that I needed to feel. It was held at Zenricco Farm Resort in Silang, Cavite...great place is short of a description. Nature has a way of teaching you things, and meeting different characters that are somewhat a reflection of your own ego. 

So how do you reinvent a self image? Like Stefan said that we need to think as a Business establishment or something of a sort that must have clear Mission statement. How many artists would do that? 

Fernando Mission Ymas is the man behind the Art of Realizationism...basically not a visual style but a perspective about Art which applies about life in general. This lifetime thesis evolve not just around his artwork but in human relation itself. "Commit thy thoughts unto The Lord and thy thoughts shall be established"--Proverbs 16:3
Join me in this quest to a more meaningful appreciation of Art and Life.What is Realizationism Art?   First of all this art-form is a process achieved through experiential approach that deals with general issues of life and our existence as a human that seeks a divine purpose. Although basically The Art of Realizationism expresses itself with visual expressions it does not limit itself on any painting style nor methodologies and at a larger scope embraces all aspect of our life.    The process of learning and unlearning is vital in this art experience...and the artist/author therefore consider these as his Lifetime Thesis. Merging Self-evaluation and Artistic Expressions to create a relationship between the artist and his/her works.    Realizationism as an art experience extends to the spiritual level of awakening and consider Coincidence as an important tool in creating art-pieces. These coincidences which the creator prefer to call as Divine Intervention are utilized as symbols to represents experiences and therefore at the end of the day, are reflections of our inner and outer being.


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