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All About in Progress...

As I've written down on my bio-data, that I habitually jump from one project into another...the result was dozens of unfinished projects....well any way, this was a shift somehow from my usual course where the intent was to make series of work intended for my visual diaries, this time I actually focus on hanging them for private collector or galleries. 

Power Strokes Impression

I'm going to revolutionize my strokes when it comes to portraiture and perhaps ending my quest for hyper-realism which was anyway not quite successful of sort, perhaps I don't have the eye anymore to do so... and then again, I impress more people doing these kind of strokes. Well, I've already open up this avenue since last year. Only as far as portraiture is concern I suppose since I still deeply feel the passion for Trompe L'oeil pieces. 

Artistic Visitation

Masterminded by Dennis De Jesus with Joan Honoridez a successful bonding time, on-the-spot, discussion of future plans and issues within the art world. Thankful to Mayor Edwin Santos for letting us use his place (The Farm) in Obando. An overnight stay, and through these I've realized how good generous he was to let us lodge there for free. 

   Meet Don Philip, Mar Torres and another Arnel Danga....I forgot the surname...we didn't really discussed much about Bakusi issue. A proper forum needed on this issue what I had in mind was to strengthen this core group to expand my art influence and perhaps a regular session like this or a sort of Artist studios attack. 

   Once again, individual mind sometimes can't fathom the differences in values or perhaps you realized when you put creative people together they collide ideas...but in the end, generally artist are peace lover but sometimes too idealistic.

We also drop by at Napoleon Abueva's Gallery somewhere near Dennis' pla…

Work in Progression...

T his is my on-going piece (Below) as entry for April 16 I've told you here that I will focus on upgrading my career and be very active on the art scene.    To be notice in the art scene without buying awards. Hahaha! Perhaps, it is about time that I move forward than relying on 4S moves...the magic of our group subsided; especially when Pops found a diversion from his young girl-friend. And this move is making Let's Paint Group (LPG) one of the best site now among fellow artist for conducting a steady flow of monthly and even weekly contests. 
   So I have to move further than expect things from the limiting scope of Pops artistic sense. I need real exposure. Someone than rings. Need to build up my name on this genre.

When someone call you Master

Creative people are not good guardian of the environment, we are consumer of resources...we don't recycle our mistakes, we kept them as future reference or discard them altogether . We inhale and dispose toxic fumes. The best that we can do are inspire and share beauty... If we don't cut trees we would have no surface to work with... if we don't extract minerals there would be no medium to explore. 
   God bless the Nature worshiper. Artist create gods for people to kneel upon. ☺ No hard feelings... we are gifted.

   I don't know why it would be such an issue to people if someone is called a Master..once again I have to retold the same answered as I have before...not just anybody deserve that title but I'm sure if anyone was called as such deserves it.

Sa mga batang artist ngunit mahuhusay wag na kayong magpaka-humble at sabihing "wag nyo ko tawaging master hindi po ako master!" wehhhh! Lumalabas lang kayong plastic eh sa totoo, gustong-gusto nyo naman. Be r…

An Over-all Analysis on Teaching and How The Masters Think

Way of a True Master.     Teaching or sharing what you've learned and discovered will retain the knowledge and understanding; it is also a testing ground for your theories...because not every piece of  tool will work for all practitioner in general. Because there are different methodology that might bring almost equal results in the final presentations. The argument between Grid versus Freehand, Black versus No Black, References versus Imaginations, etcetera were just useless waste of energies to argue with.     To those who are saying there is no need to study Fine Arts or formal education, I must say that it is a ridiculous self-pride. Given the chance or if I could go back in time, I could have studied this course. And since, I am not; I have to compensate and do my research double or even triple the energy spend in learning over those who had been there before I came into the scene. Perhaps one of my great advantage was that I was trained as an Educator. It is already inculcated…

Ballpen, Watercolor, and My Turtle....

♫ I can take all the madness the world has to give...
but I wont last a day without you... ♪
I feel incomplete if I don't have a finish artwork in a day. So while I'm doing my major works here's (above) a rendition using ball-pen.

Detox Irony
12" X 9"



Patronizer of My Art

She's such a good lady..very cordial and so naturally sweet. A true respecter and lover of Art, that is why I agreed to do the portrait commission for her at minimal pay. It's not all about the money anyway but true appreciation and understanding of a person's talent. Madam Donna Claire's vibrancy is contagious, at her age which was 2 more years before she get a Senior card was hard to believe because she radiate youthful energy.     She's easy to get a long and in just a short time we've chatted a lot and I easily open up to her about my sickness. She also told me some health tips and  to stay connected to our Lord Jesus Christ.     I also gave her for free the artwork I did for her grand-daughter. She now has 3 artwork from me and would gladly give more in the future, that's how I truly enjoy her care for my creation..not a single post at my FB wall scape her attention. I true fan of my Art and perhaps my living as well..she told me that Mam Nitz and Ms. El…

Trompe l'oeil Exploration Era

As a Trompe l'oeil artisan had always been my passion since I started to render realism way back on my PNC days, it was only now that I've gain maturity as an artist that I was truly able to execute that stuff, well perhaps with a little more accuracy, especially since our 3D mural DOST-PCAARRD...     My still-life's can be seen with the same intent with those attempts whether like imitating paper cut out or torn, or staplers and minute details... in fact, one of my top favorite artisan is John F. Peto who was known on this styles. 

So what are these wood grain for? It's on my 2' X 3' gallery wrap canvas which I will enter for April 16. Hoping to snatch that Php50,000.oo Good Luck to me.

on-the-spot with Dennis C. Salazar

Elyona's work.......