Artistic Visitation

L-R: Me, Jose Tolentino Jimenez, Donphilip Victoria, Mayor Edwin Santos, Joan Villa-Espina Soriano Honoridez, MArcelino Torres, Arnel Danga, Rolly Alcantara, Vince Roque, Dennis De Jesus...and that little girl is (Erin) grand-child of Venerando Canizal who was not in the picture here

Masterminded by Dennis De Jesus with Joan Honoridez a successful bonding time, on-the-spot, discussion of future plans and issues within the art world. Thankful to Mayor Edwin Santos for letting us use his place (The Farm) in Obando. An overnight stay, and through these I've realized how good generous he was to let us lodge there for free. 

   Meet Don Philip, Mar Torres and another Arnel Danga....I forgot the surname...we didn't really discussed much about Bakusi issue. A proper forum needed on this issue what I had in mind was to strengthen this core group to expand my art influence and perhaps a regular session like this or a sort of Artist studios attack. 

   Once again, individual mind sometimes can't fathom the differences in values or perhaps you realized when you put creative people together they collide ideas...but in the end, generally artist are peace lover but sometimes too idealistic.


We also drop by at Napoleon Abueva's Gallery somewhere near Dennis' place in Project 8. 

swinging house


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