An Over-all Analysis on Teaching and How The Masters Think

Way of a True Master. 
   Teaching or sharing what you've learned and discovered will retain the knowledge and understanding; it is also a testing ground for your theories...because not every piece of  tool will work for all practitioner in general. Because there are different methodology that might bring almost equal results in the final presentations. The argument between Grid versus Freehand, Black versus No Black, References versus Imaginations, etcetera were just useless waste of energies to argue with. 
   To those who are saying there is no need to study Fine Arts or formal education, I must say that it is a ridiculous self-pride. Given the chance or if I could go back in time, I could have studied this course. And since, I am not; I have to compensate and do my research double or even triple the energy spend in learning over those who had been there before I came into the scene. Perhaps one of my great advantage was that I was trained as an Educator. It is already inculcated in my system the value of Teaching. 
   As to the saying, "experiences is the best teacher" may not be very productive in the long run since it would be impossible to experiences everything in this lifetime and while your contemporaries had already created dozens of work you are still searching for who you really are. In fact, personal experiences can be flawed in the first place and experiences are studded with failures and disappointments. I believe more in the "Gathering of understanding" or should we say collective inquiries of experiences. One should develop the ability to sort out and weigh all the informations available, separating the useful to the useless (or those that doesn't fit your values and capabilities) and that to me is the True essence of Education. 
   The role of the teacher is to Guide an individual progress and must never impose criteria and that's the sad realities of grading system. Sharing knowledge is not a competitive sport where one is greater than the other. The system labeling is what I disagree in some point like Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Summa cum laude, honor role, etcetera are just title you can't actually use in real life situations. Mathematical equation of the human mind are just impressions of the outside appearance but actual input in the work place matters. Labeling places ranks between people and can sometime create prejudice.   
   Thinking outside the box doesn't mean breaking the rules but actually deeply analyzing the rules so that you can expound and stretch the full potential of your imaginations. You have to understand the box, find your way around it, so that you may work outside of it.  


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