Trompe l'oeil Exploration Era

As a Trompe l'oeil artisan had always been my passion since I started to render realism way back on my PNC days, it was only now that I've gain maturity as an artist that I was truly able to execute that stuff, well perhaps with a little more accuracy, especially since our 3D mural DOST-PCAARRD... 
   My still-life's can be seen with the same intent with those attempts whether like imitating paper cut out or torn, or staplers and minute details... in fact, one of my top favorite artisan is John F. Peto who was known on this styles. 

So what are these wood grain for? It's on my 2' X 3' gallery wrap canvas which I will enter for April 16. Hoping to snatch that Php50,000.oo Good Luck to me.

on-the-spot with Dennis C. Salazar

Elyona's work.......


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