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Outpouring of Blessings and Apprenticeship Program

There's too much to be thankful for these past calendar was filled with schedule for face-painting last week. Aug 18, 20, 22, 23, and 24 in various places ....I've included here some of the lovely faces on my creations. It was such an enormous blessings that I have to bring assistant with me.... 

I will be saving these images to recount the stories and places I had been...I'm not that good in geography or remembering streets. I remember feelings more than the visuals.  

I'm also beginning to form a community of artist here in Biñan City, via the next generation....

Here with my apprentice, we hope to regularly commune via on-the-spot...

Meet Up With Fellow Artist....

My first stop was at Armar Ramirez studio in San Pedro, Laguna. 

Then an instant on-the-spot session with Jose Jimenez and Marko Bello at 4S headquarter to fill-up the slot for a débutante party to be held in Japan. 

Then at Marko Bello's place in Manila....

The Fher-losophical Analysis of My Self

Notevery exceptional Artist are called Master. Being address this way is usually a term of endearment rather than a sign of authority. 
   I'm philosophizing once could be my nature but it's one way of recording, affirming, or testing theoretical abstract hanging on my head. I simply need to hear how it sounds. You don't have to absorb all the philosophical views I've posted on FB....but it would be nice to reflect on them if you wish to. 
If you don't know God, where will you get the inspiration to forgive?    Here somebody answered on the comment that his inspiration came from Humanity and admits to be an atheist. I could answer this very easily but I prefer to stay quiet. The spirit told me it's not the right time. How can we Love each other if we have different definition of Love? 

   When an artist is too concerns about technique, he loses the romance. Everything becomes too technical rather than spontaneous.... There's nothing wrong about techn…

Different Belief Systems

That's my entry for the latest SMC of 4S. One just have to believe in friendship above all things. I still believe in the general notion that man is basically good. His innate nature being fashioned according to the image of God. What is the image or qualities of God anyway?    Creative, Intelligent (Reason), Loving....what else?    Anyway, I was a bit surprise that in one day, I've met (or discovered) different kinds of belief among my FB peers. Atheist, Agnostic, Gnostic, Fanatics...and those that doesn't really care at all.  Yes, among my very friends whom I have exchanges of likes and comment every time the internet was on. It made more sense, once again to believe that The God of the Bible is true. 

   I've been reading seriously once again about the world we live in and re-considering/re-calling what I have read before. I found some good sites, which I believe was led by God himself. Once, you sincerely seek God, I'm sure you will discover Him. Is God knowable?  …

Dependency on Techno

Whew! Very weak internet signals these past days....never knew that I've depended so much on technologies in various aspect. Yet, this isolation from the cyber world pushes me to concentrate on creating fact, I was able to push myself to dabble into hyper-realism...I could actually do a lot better if I really focus. 
   Technology can actually steal your attention away...

I'll be updating you later.... see you!

Meet The Past and The Future Healing

It was my daughter's 9th year on Earth...August 12. Time move so fast...and it was a day of re-uniting with the past. Now it proves that people can actually forgive and forget without even remembering the pain in all honesty.    Julie came with my son Zander and his sister Kisslena as you can see on this photograph with Bella and the little celebrant herself was sitting on Julie's lap as if this picture was just an ordinary gathering but depict the forgiveness from all of us.     Why this story had to be told in my art journal? Because one of the major event in my artistic career happens during those years of isolation and separation. The actual beginning of Realizationism art begun when Julie and I parted ways... and my hidden first born son. The symbols then where circulating on these event and personal views of my drifting soul.     The first re-organized visual manuscript was actually form around that self-search.  

Here are some of the photos of that mini-celebration:

(error …

And Still on Re-Evaluations and My Long Lost Son

More or less 5 years ago my life as an employee ended with too many uncertainties. In and out of job for almost 30 years and haven't really grown much in all aspect. 
   September 3, 2009 was the day I've decided not to serve the corporate world and gear myself to carve my own path as an artist. It was a forced decision fate? I believe we create our own path sometimes in random cases. Connections was the most important element of my working data...and realized I'd never really work hard but relied only in fortune. 

   Painting faces came as a blessing in disguise. But it doesn't came that easy....there were extreme hard times.
    Henna stories were some of the sad details. Humiliation and realization that I am still a wasted fool....the scamp. 
    Age has refined I think I'm done with foolishness....

    Hearing Julie's voice once again flashes some painful memories...if I could categorized that as the most excruciating part of my life. Afte…