Different Belief Systems

That's my entry for the latest SMC of 4S. One just have to believe in friendship above all things. I still believe in the general notion that man is basically good. His innate nature being fashioned according to the image of God. What is the image or qualities of God anyway?
   Creative, Intelligent (Reason), Loving....what else?
   Anyway, I was a bit surprise that in one day, I've met (or discovered) different kinds of belief among my FB peers. Atheist, Agnostic, Gnostic, Fanatics...and those that doesn't really care at all.  Yes, among my very friends whom I have exchanges of likes and comment every time the internet was on. It made more sense, once again to believe that The God of the Bible is true. 

   I've been reading seriously once again about the world we live in and re-considering/re-calling what I have read before. I found some good sites, which I believe was led by God himself. Once, you sincerely seek God, I'm sure you will discover Him. Is God knowable?
   Of course He is. Because, it was His command that we love Him above all else. How can we love someone we do not know or understand?

   Yeah, I'm inter winding images of my latest work here and my thoughts of the moment....I know it might seem unrelated but sometimes, I need to save a copy of them. My drive can not handle all the info....so let the worldwide web save them for me. Is it safe? I mean on privacy issue?
   Well, I don't have to worry about confidentiality. No one or nothing is hidden anyway. 

   By the way, my nature is so spontaneous and random. If given the chance, or if my fancy hits me...I would discuss specific pictures I've posted here...I just want to clarify, from now on that unless specified the image may not actually related to what I'm saying. 

   It's a good thing my internet is functioning quite well today. Thank God.


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