The Fher-losophical Analysis of My Self

Not every exceptional Artist are called Master. Being address this way is usually a term of endearment rather than a sign of authority. 

   I'm philosophizing once could be my nature but it's one way of recording, affirming, or testing theoretical abstract hanging on my head. I simply need to hear how it sounds. You don't have to absorb all the philosophical views I've posted on FB....but it would be nice to reflect on them if you wish to. 

If you don't know God, where will you get the inspiration to forgive? 
   Here somebody answered on the comment that his inspiration came from Humanity and admits to be an atheist. I could answer this very easily but I prefer to stay quiet. The spirit told me it's not the right time.
 How can we Love each other if we have different definition of Love? 

   When an artist is too concerns about technique, he loses the romance. Everything becomes too technical rather than spontaneous.... There's nothing wrong about technical skill but remember Love can never be design. 

   Two of my latest protege. 



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