Meet The Past and The Future Healing

It was my daughter's 9th year on Earth...August 12. Time move so fast...and it was a day of re-uniting with the past. Now it proves that people can actually forgive and forget without even remembering the pain in all honesty.
   Julie came with my son Zander and his sister Kisslena as you can see on this photograph with Bella and the little celebrant herself was sitting on Julie's lap as if this picture was just an ordinary gathering but depict the forgiveness from all of us. 
   Why this story had to be told in my art journal? Because one of the major event in my artistic career happens during those years of isolation and separation. The actual beginning of Realizationism art begun when Julie and I parted ways... and my hidden first born son. The symbols then where circulating on these event and personal views of my drifting soul. 
   The first re-organized visual manuscript was actually form around that self-search.  

Here are some of the photos of that mini-celebration:

(error on photos, I will check for newer files.....) 

With my mother below cutting the cake.

and the man continues to paint....

Photo: dapat eksakto sa bilang ang perlas ha?.... :D


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