Outpouring of Blessings and Apprenticeship Program

There's too much to be thankful for these past days....my calendar was filled with schedule for face-painting last week. Aug 18, 20, 22, 23, and 24 in various places ....I've included here some of the lovely faces on my creations. It was such an enormous blessings that I have to bring assistant with me.... 

Photo: Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy :)


I will be saving these images to recount the stories and places I had been...I'm not that good in geography or remembering streets. I remember feelings more than the visuals.  

Photo: Hi! My name is....

Photo: 'coz you're the wind beneath my wings  


Photo: Every Filipino, wherever he is must always say that Kayumanggi (Brown) means beautiful.

#sorryGlutha #facepaintingbyFher

I'm also beginning to form a community of artist here in BiƱan City, via the next generation....

Here with my apprentice, we hope to regularly commune via on-the-spot...


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