Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Aldub Fever

My smoking by the way had intensify as well as my coffee intake so I guess I really have to pay attention on gradual withdrawal if I can't easily quit. The pain are becoming heavier yet I'm still treating all of these as if I am incorruptible.... 

   The Aldub, Alden and Yaya Dub fever still making waves, and perhaps this was the first time that a funny antics was ever covered front page in Broadsheets. The first live impromptu TV series done on the streets or what Eat Bulaga labelled as Kalye-serye or street-series. The longest and the best running noon time show in the land has nailed it again making the other networks a mediocre in terms of fun and originality. People need something to reflect with their own folly.....

Continuing the nonchalant pace of my existence, simply watching my self snooze except detect any atypical activities on the subordinate realm. I was trying to capture the moment at the tip of my brush but to no avail. I feel worthless most of the day… ineffective to even chat with people around me. The rectangular surface remains barren. 
Oh well, some days are simply fillers… unworthy to be quoted in the annals of human triumph nor posted in any social sites. If we could just skip these melancholy into a fabricated bliss without consuming a single currency; but to amuse ourselves these days we need the companies of heroes. 
Life was like a bunch of empanadas, you don't know what you gonna get....

Aren't we glad we are not worried anymore about rolls and frames but SD cards and bytes... so we can take unlimited candid pictures of ourselves... and we can stash these moment away on cyber space and even get some thumbs up in the process. BUT we have lost the excitement of yesteryears when we have to wait for The Photo shops to develop those negatives into hard copies...those breathless moment as we open the envelop and we either discover that our selfies were fab or fail. 
Now we have learn to appreciate edited beauty in HD format and valued them with a mega-pixel eyes.

I have 3 pacus and one hammerhead.... they are quite nasty, always wrestles each other.

By human standard we claim the notion that we are civilized... which reduces all human aspirations to market values, church-going impostures with mechanical goals and psychologically induce misery. I let the images of these flashing moment pass by without me on the frontline. Sooner or later The ALDUB fever will be a passing moment too.... alright! Another day is over... heard so much opinions but none of them came with a solution... 
Good night...it's time to meditate your request if it's worth the prayer.

it's been so long since I've last kneaded a dough.

Monday, August 24, 2015

So I Say, Quote Me

Lima Sampu
coffee and charcoal on board
8.5 X 11 inches

Doing things right from the foundation till the signature...and the key word to remember is meditation. You knew that I already had the Passion and intense dedication but unwavering focus on the process is kinda questionable. I sometimes get too excited to finish and in the end losing the quality. 
   The shoulder and nape pain are getting frequent and it's not anymore easy to ignore 'cause it's giving me that vertigo symptoms. I knew I'm deteriorating but still with bad habits and undisciplined lifestyle. 

   I'm not sure if I would be able to retrieve all my witty ☺ quotes...most were originals or others somewhat re-arrange to intensify the pun and to inject humorous stresses. 

Magandang ibigay na Regalo para sa kaibigan -- KATAPATAN; sa kaaway --ang PAG-PAPATAWAD; sa magulang -- PASASALAMAT; at para sa Diyos: ANG IYONG BUHAY.... 
Pero yung para sa akin CASH na lang ha?!  grin emoticon 
Para hindi ka na mahirapang mag-isip.

Kapag galit ka sumasara ang iyong kamay para manakit;
sa pag-mamahal naman, bubukas ito para gumastos. Hay buhay 
Ang key command ng Love ay < 3 ...ibig sabihin less than 3. 
Dahil kung may third party, mawawasak ito. Right?!

Pareho lang ang tingin natin sa taong Hinahangaan at sa taong Kinaiinisan natin.
Lagi natin silang napapansin.

Sa Problema, ang hindi ko ma-ubos ma-isip ay...
isip naman ako nang isip... pero bakit hindi na-uubos?

In any relationship without TRUST, there is a big chance of pregnancy.
Ayyy anu ba 'yun ang aga-aga pa Fher. Kape muna tayo....

Yaya Dub a.k.a. Maine Mendoza

for Irene Cortez mom who recently joined the people in Abraham's bosom. 

   Thank you Father God for the blessings as I was still able to support my artistry. So this is not yet the right moment to leave.... I can not go away yet at this stage in my life... first of all was due to my kids and for the family as a whole who still rely on me.   

Commit your works unto The Lord 
and your thoughts shall be established
-- Proverbs 16:3

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hawaiian Punch MC and Opening Show at Arte Pintura

Above is my entry for MC Hawaiian Punch using a direct oil paint application. Through this work by the way I was able to chat Maestro Bueno Silva. And we have talk a lot about life.  

Made a promise to Sir Armar Ramirez so I had to attend the opening of his 2 man-show with Ben Cruz despite it's Elyona's birthday (Aug 12)... The 3 dimensional pieces were truly amazing from Sir Armar. Able also to meet with some of 4S admins. Perhaps I should be attending exhibits and meet up with other artist to widen the scope of influences. 

So very late with this blog due to worse internet connection lately. I'll be talking later 'coz I'm a bit busy to focus.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Art in Focus, Boston Art-a-Thon

Winner! Maybe I can say this is one of my greatest achievement as a portraitist even though the price in exchange for this was only Php 500 gift-check. After years of trying to create a perfect impressionism on my own genre I've finally understand here how tonal value works using the heavy strokes of pallet knife. I think I've succeeded in showing the elegance of Ms. Madeline here. Something I can be proud to show outside the country... 

© Fher

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Art in Foucs; Ipis

Since I'm into coffee paintings nowadays, I've decided to look for subjects that are in sepia tone range...and as if nature wishing me luck, a cockroach crawl on the floor under my easel. Hey! That's a sepia creature.... 

Bonus images

at Patio Ysabel, Brgy. Canlalay, BiƱan, Laguna

a glimpse inside my latest Visual Manuscript The Laboratory of Random Code whom I considered as my 15th art journal although I've lost the actual count many years ago....I had other lost books which I can not account anymore....one of them is the very first collection I've started to create right after the CCP workshop entitled  Unkitsch works included are the actual plates during the workshop from 1985-87. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Art in Focus, The Initial Note - draft

To better see the process and what's going on inside my Lab, I will be posting my WIP or work-in progress until it's completion. I'll be blogging what was going on while doing these works and it would be on a Published Draft form so you will know that it is still under construction and archiving my work at the same time as well. To easily locate this archiving I had label them as ART in Focus... and these may also help enthusiast to learn a few trick of mine as I am also learning along the way. 
Hopefully I would be able also to locate my other important pieces....and praying that my internet connection would work better too. 

Now let me start with August Moon, the on-going tournament at 4S. It has to feature our model/sponsor Jeannie as an independent woman of this century...their achievements on fields which was once male dominated. 
   The idea of a female billiard player easily sinks on me when Pops mentioned it because I had personal experience on this field during those days at Cliques Billiard. There was a warning to make her younger and watch out for the over emphasize jaw bones...

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Coffee Trends

Cheese Curls 
8.5" X 11
Coffee on Board

An amazing response on my coffee painting step by step pictures which I believe now as the most Liked post I ever had....after just few hours the clicking came rushing-in even from those people who have never engaged on  my timeline before. It was quite a surprise because all I have in mind it to simply share my technique and to show my method of no pencil sketches using only calculation and bit by bit process where I divide the image in tiny chunk. 

   On its 2nd day I've reach more than a hundred likes...in fact, now on average my work get around 40-50 likes; that's a good progress.   I need the attention to be notice by potential collectors. That illusive dreams. 

   Can't believe I've stagnate myself in creating portrait...I want to push myself into something else.... but I can not create something I do not feel. 

Typhoon season once again...and all I wish and pray is that we don't get flooded...it's too tiring... 

© Fher