Coffee Trends

Cheese Curls 
8.5" X 11
Coffee on Board

An amazing response on my coffee painting step by step pictures which I believe now as the most Liked post I ever had....after just few hours the clicking came rushing-in even from those people who have never engaged on  my timeline before. It was quite a surprise because all I have in mind it to simply share my technique and to show my method of no pencil sketches using only calculation and bit by bit process where I divide the image in tiny chunk. 

   On its 2nd day I've reach more than a hundred fact, now on average my work get around 40-50 likes; that's a good progress.   I need the attention to be notice by potential collectors. That illusive dreams. 

   Can't believe I've stagnate myself in creating portrait...I want to push myself into something else.... but I can not create something I do not feel. 

Typhoon season once again...and all I wish and pray is that we don't get's too tiring... 

© Fher


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