The Aldub Fever

My smoking by the way had intensify as well as my coffee intake so I guess I really have to pay attention on gradual withdrawal if I can't easily quit. The pain are becoming heavier yet I'm still treating all of these as if I am incorruptible.... 

   The Aldub, Alden and Yaya Dub fever still making waves, and perhaps this was the first time that a funny antics was ever covered front page in Broadsheets. The first live impromptu TV series done on the streets or what Eat Bulaga labelled as Kalye-serye or street-series. The longest and the best running noon time show in the land has nailed it again making the other networks a mediocre in terms of fun and originality. People need something to reflect with their own folly.....

Continuing the nonchalant pace of my existence, simply watching my self snooze except detect any atypical activities on the subordinate realm. I was trying to capture the moment at the tip of my brush but to no avail. I feel worthless most of the day… ineffective to even chat with people around me. The rectangular surface remains barren. 
Oh well, some days are simply fillers… unworthy to be quoted in the annals of human triumph nor posted in any social sites. If we could just skip these melancholy into a fabricated bliss without consuming a single currency; but to amuse ourselves these days we need the companies of heroes. 
Life was like a bunch of empanadas, you don't know what you gonna get....

Aren't we glad we are not worried anymore about rolls and frames but SD cards and bytes... so we can take unlimited candid pictures of ourselves... and we can stash these moment away on cyber space and even get some thumbs up in the process. BUT we have lost the excitement of yesteryears when we have to wait for The Photo shops to develop those negatives into hard copies...those breathless moment as we open the envelop and we either discover that our selfies were fab or fail. 
Now we have learn to appreciate edited beauty in HD format and valued them with a mega-pixel eyes.

I have 3 pacus and one hammerhead.... they are quite nasty, always wrestles each other.

By human standard we claim the notion that we are civilized... which reduces all human aspirations to market values, church-going impostures with mechanical goals and psychologically induce misery. I let the images of these flashing moment pass by without me on the frontline. Sooner or later The ALDUB fever will be a passing moment too.... alright! Another day is over... heard so much opinions but none of them came with a solution... 
Good's time to meditate your request if it's worth the prayer.

it's been so long since I've last kneaded a dough.


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