Art in Focus, The Initial Note - draft

To better see the process and what's going on inside my Lab, I will be posting my WIP or work-in progress until it's completion. I'll be blogging what was going on while doing these works and it would be on a Published Draft form so you will know that it is still under construction and archiving my work at the same time as well. To easily locate this archiving I had label them as ART in Focus... and these may also help enthusiast to learn a few trick of mine as I am also learning along the way. 
Hopefully I would be able also to locate my other important pieces....and praying that my internet connection would work better too. 

Now let me start with August Moon, the on-going tournament at 4S. It has to feature our model/sponsor Jeannie as an independent woman of this century...their achievements on fields which was once male dominated. 
   The idea of a female billiard player easily sinks on me when Pops mentioned it because I had personal experience on this field during those days at Cliques Billiard. There was a warning to make her younger and watch out for the over emphasize jaw bones...


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