Saturday, June 27, 2015

While at Seda the June Bride Came.

June 27 2015.... The much awaited day of 4S June Bride awarding and on-the-spot. The biggest event so far being held by our group. Catering, give-aways, prizes, and free booze. Yet, I have another facepainting event reserve month before this was scheduled by Head Admin Pops so I didn't make it on the actual on-the-spot.... from Nuvali, Sta Rosa my gig ended around 7pm so I have to dash really quick and Thank God my trip became easier with the help of Richie Javier, our magician host that day who drop me at Balibago terminal... so to make the story short I've reach the place around 9PM.... just in time for Lakbay Tagay, the traditional cocktails after every gathering ☺ By the way, Marko Bello took home the grand prize. 
   An amazing gesture by our sponsor Ms. Gigi who came back around 12 midnight just to bring us Pizza. What a lovely lady.... so touched by these....  

   Although my Thai Bride didn't make it I'm still happy because of the cheerful faces and fun moments.... enough to be proud of being part of 4S. 

Ms. Gigi, the June Bride model herself (below)....

Advance on the spot for next event sponsor.... August Moon 

Times are changing.... the hand sign relive! 

some of the images at Seda Hotel, Nuvali...

Never Wet
9" X 11"
oil pastel on sandpaper

Things are now placing itself on the right places....seeing clearer future ahead for 4S.Just stay tune and we had a lot of things going on inside ..... by the way, today is the awarding and on-the-spot event of June Bride and yet, I'm not really hopeful that I'll get the top prize ; there were shortcomings on my part and I've taken things easily....

   Unfortunately I wont be able to attend the main event because I have a gig with Party Bitz .... at Seda Hotel in Nuvali. 

   I'm going to miss the on-the-spot ...... to meet new members. 

Editor and Publisher of On Stage Magazine...


Monday, June 22, 2015

A Pastel Community

The Fher Ymas Collections more than 500 Likes...
but only a small fraction of it are my friends. Hmmmm

   Quite a surprise  Julius Legaspi approached me to start a New group for Pastel users.... he want the group simple and fun, nothing serious...all sharing. Well the idea actually came after the trending issue at GP-guhit pinas about the debate they started between Freehand and Gridlines. I can't believe such issue needed to be raised at all. Nothing else to talk about.... ☺ (Probably, I'll make another post about it one of these days, if I have the time)
   Well, Julius saw my grieving post about how 4S admin's (particularly Apple and Armar) commentaries were deleted on said debate. Maybe 4S are being zeroed-in...the cold war had been existing ever since by the way. 
   And so we started another Art group.... "Tara Mag-Pastel Tayo!"  and here I made mine an oil pastel on sandpaper "Blue Gourami"  and still have a lot to learn on this medium. 

Breathing Some Art

   Time to Exhale the smut, bad news, burdensome tele-novelas, sexually inducing pop music on radios with the endless ranting of DJs sharing their worldly views about lovelife...blah blah blah.... 

   Thank God I was able to recharge and inhale great works of Arts.... No matter how busy we are please take time to visits galleries or your local artist's studios. You don't know what you're missing. Art will show you what was stolen from your will re-awaken your consciousness.... 
    Listen from the heart....reclaim your identity as a Human being with Soul... we are not disposable like diapers nor a cup of instant noodles...nor replaceable gadgets... we are Spiritual by nature....
    If you don't have a painting near you...Just go and smell some flowers!

   Fortunately I was able to attend GSIS annual awarding this June 11 because the venue was held just a short ride from my workshop session in ParaƱaque City. I was so happy to see Artist gathered in this large volume. Though only very few are familiar.


Thursday, June 4, 2015

I think I've jumble the order of dates recently..... my schedules are quite toxic these days. And summer heat is making it more difficult for me. Irritations and my allergy with my own sweat makes it harder for me to concentrate. Cramps and body pains.... itchy head, and my unabated reactions with oil paint.... but I'm into oil painting now. Probably would be giving up acrylic for now because I can't split up my budget if I work in these two mediums simultaneously. 

    Although it rained the other day, the coolness disappeared very quickly. 
   Done with the 7th session of my art workshop today. Three more to go.... kinda frustrated on today's task. Most of them still struggle on basic isometric view and blending. 10 days wont make them instant craftsmen.... 

   Thank God again, I have some unit of child psychology during college.... children can sometime burst into tears without prior notice. I sometimes need to pacify them or the session will be ruin.