While at Seda the June Bride Came.

June 27 2015.... The much awaited day of 4S June Bride awarding and on-the-spot. The biggest event so far being held by our group. Catering, give-aways, prizes, and free booze. Yet, I have another facepainting event reserve month before this was scheduled by Head Admin Pops so I didn't make it on the actual on-the-spot.... from Nuvali, Sta Rosa my gig ended around 7pm so I have to dash really quick and Thank God my trip became easier with the help of Richie Javier, our magician host that day who drop me at Balibago terminal... so to make the story short I've reach the place around 9PM.... just in time for Lakbay Tagay, the traditional cocktails after every gathering ☺ By the way, Marko Bello took home the grand prize. 
   An amazing gesture by our sponsor Ms. Gigi who came back around 12 midnight just to bring us Pizza. What a lovely lady.... so touched by these....  

   Although my Thai Bride didn't make it I'm still happy because of the cheerful faces and fun moments.... enough to be proud of being part of 4S. 

Ms. Gigi, the June Bride model herself (below)....

Advance on the spot for next event sponsor.... August Moon 

Times are changing.... the hand sign relive! 

some of the images at Seda Hotel, Nuvali...


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