A Pastel Community

The Fher Ymas Collections more than 500 Likes...
but only a small fraction of it are my friends. Hmmmm

   Quite a surprise  Julius Legaspi approached me to start a New group for Pastel users.... he want the group simple and fun, nothing serious...all sharing. Well the idea actually came after the trending issue at GP-guhit pinas about the debate they started between Freehand and Gridlines. I can't believe such issue needed to be raised at all. Nothing else to talk about.... ☺ (Probably, I'll make another post about it one of these days, if I have the time)
   Well, Julius saw my grieving post about how 4S admin's (particularly Apple and Armar) commentaries were deleted on said debate. Maybe 4S are being zeroed-in...the cold war had been existing ever since by the way. 
   And so we started another Art group.... "Tara Mag-Pastel Tayo!"  and here I made mine an oil pastel on sandpaper "Blue Gourami"  and still have a lot to learn on this medium. 


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