Breathing Some Art

   Time to Exhale the smut, bad news, burdensome tele-novelas, sexually inducing pop music on radios with the endless ranting of DJs sharing their worldly views about lovelife...blah blah blah.... 

   Thank God I was able to recharge and inhale great works of Arts.... No matter how busy we are please take time to visits galleries or your local artist's studios. You don't know what you're missing. Art will show you what was stolen from your will re-awaken your consciousness.... 
    Listen from the heart....reclaim your identity as a Human being with Soul... we are not disposable like diapers nor a cup of instant noodles...nor replaceable gadgets... we are Spiritual by nature....
    If you don't have a painting near you...Just go and smell some flowers!

   Fortunately I was able to attend GSIS annual awarding this June 11 because the venue was held just a short ride from my workshop session in ParaƱaque City. I was so happy to see Artist gathered in this large volume. Though only very few are familiar.



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