I think I've jumble the order of dates recently..... my schedules are quite toxic these days. And summer heat is making it more difficult for me. Irritations and my allergy with my own sweat makes it harder for me to concentrate. Cramps and body pains.... itchy head, and my unabated reactions with oil paint.... but I'm into oil painting now. Probably would be giving up acrylic for now because I can't split up my budget if I work in these two mediums simultaneously. 

    Although it rained the other day, the coolness disappeared very quickly. 
   Done with the 7th session of my art workshop today. Three more to go.... kinda frustrated on today's task. Most of them still struggle on basic isometric view and blending. 10 days wont make them instant craftsmen.... 

   Thank God again, I have some unit of child psychology during college.... children can sometime burst into tears without prior notice. I sometimes need to pacify them or the session will be ruin.  


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