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Some Blessings Are Strange...

Strange and still wondering how I am being provided and blessed. I have to think it over and over...checking my values....I just couldn't believe. I wasn't really expecting or intentionally willing it to happen but it has to manifest either I accept it as it is...
   Elijah just graduated High-School March 26 and I'm thankful that this unexpected twist happened 'cause I've been really praying painfully to be able to provide and sustain. Now come to think of it....despite the odds. 
Just amazed that...if you badly need it and you pray very very hard for it. Heaven will open up.... it seems God can't refuse a very intense prayer. 
   Re-trying to be Hyper-Realist for now... once again.... Just testing  how far I can go. I took a little research...refresher and tips how they do it. I knew now that patience makes a big difference.... that giving up in the middle of a struggle is not going to give a very good result in the end.  

Melancholic Remembering

Why does it always feel the good old days much better....even best? Darn, I miss my childhood days....well, even those days of my misadventure as an employee I yearn. We simply grow too old too fast.... why did I ever wish then that time would tick faster? Was it because of the destination now?    There was simply some pain that time can not erase. I didn't mean to bring or caused you heartaches. There were happy times anyways.... The moment to feel, the moment simply faded. Dust in the wind...

A Masterpiece The canvas of life
start with a signature...
Our birth mark...Our name;
Doodle of innocence
Instinct, untamed. Then youthful abstraction
Ideologies, Visions and
Dream. Some turns Romantic,
Classic and Pop
While others surreal
Hyper....Cubism Some can't cope-up
and remain imitation
Dadaist of fate
in a Landscape of restoration Then we cherish our Title
Or Artist unknown
Collections of still-lifes
Accolade or shame. Then on that one final stroke
Life simply becom…

For A Change...status WIP

Above pix was a result of my ever changing focus....and sometimes inspiration came in-between the process.   While I was still trapped in my own creation....of event in my life that leads me to these....but it was from visions. A vision which you saw where everyone would believe in you. And now you've realized that the not central. 

David Icke was right in couple of things. They were so shocking you have to consider it as a one big joke. 
A Painter's Poetry
A poetry you say; to summon each day
Amidst the hassle and buzzle
Grinding and winding.A clever line or two, Yah! I dearly pray
Grant me this parody puzzle
Thinking but Sinking
Mind you don’t stare, the grammar I lay
Here’s something from easel
My Drawing or Painting.

Delivered the above two portraits...and have no photos since I have no camera, yup even my phone's SD card is bugged...all I have now is my webcam. Hoping to see them framed soon anyway and perhaps get it posted. At my age, I'm still a work in progress…

And so I simply Create

Must regain my desire to paint again, as I've blogged earlier my lost enthusiasm encompasses me these past days. Scanning my studio to clear my thoughts. I made a real general cleaning.... I also tested all mediums even the charcoal that had been laying inside my drawer untouched. Most of what I started never sprouted emotions.... can not even decide what to draw.... so mostly are failures or save till I get the emotion to continue.... even those pieces I did as entries for contest are dull and hurried. Never expect to win anyway....I just want to move forward and for 4s members sake. 

   Remember that there is No such thing as straight line in Nature... everything you see are compound of small atoms that your brain processes into tangible images. Small particles can be translated as pixel or layers of small dots which form the hues and eventually becoming familiar shapes. The task of your eyes is to distinguish these conglomerate of colors and shades... then the Artist's diffi…

All of Me

Probably the chemical reaction inside my body was the one forcing me these hyper - tension with tangible manifestation of stressed reactions. I could feel the pay-out of my heavy smoking.... 

Trying once again, these past days to re-gain my enthusiasm and desire to create an's not coming and I'm just wasting resources in the process. I feel very much consumed. I need a new atmosphere... should I set up another goal? 
Deterioration which appears on the physical realm could be an evidence too of a spiritual longing. Am I lonesome or unsatisfied with what's going on in my life? I don't have to feel guilty without doing anything. Now my limitations and smallness are more pronounce than ever....I see other growing while I lay back. 

   I've fixed my torn Holy Bible, as symbolical gesture.... it was the same Bible that I've requested to God... and it was granted. Maybe my online activities had stolen so much of my spiritual focus. Earlier today I've cl…