For A Change...status WIP

Above pix was a result of my ever changing focus....and sometimes inspiration came in-between the process.   While I was still trapped in my own creation....of event in my life that leads me to these....but it was from visions. A vision which you saw where everyone would believe in you. And now you've realized that the not central. 

David Icke was right in couple of things. They were so shocking you have to consider it as a one big joke. 

A Painter's Poetry

A poetry you say; to summon each day
Amidst the hassle and buzzle
Grinding and winding.A clever line or two, Yah! I dearly pray
Grant me this parody puzzle
Thinking but Sinking
Mind you don’t stare, the grammar I lay
Here’s something from easel
My Drawing or Painting.

Delivered the above two portraits...and have no photos since I have no camera, yup even my phone's SD card is bugged...all I have now is my webcam. Hoping to see them framed soon anyway and perhaps get it posted. At my age, I'm still a work in progress... still learning new tricks. Refining is the key element never give simply enjoy the process itself. Don't focus too much on results when it comes to Art....that's not central on my thinking now, since sometimes it could be disappointing. Everything is a matter of taste...


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