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Probably the chemical reaction inside my body was the one forcing me these hyper - tension with tangible manifestation of stressed reactions. I could feel the pay-out of my heavy smoking.... 

Trying once again, these past days to re-gain my enthusiasm and desire to create an's not coming and I'm just wasting resources in the process. I feel very much consumed. I need a new atmosphere... should I set up another goal? 
Deterioration which appears on the physical realm could be an evidence too of a spiritual longing. Am I lonesome or unsatisfied with what's going on in my life? I don't have to feel guilty without doing anything. Now my limitations and smallness are more pronounce than ever....I see other growing while I lay back. 

   I've fixed my torn Holy Bible, as symbolical gesture.... it was the same Bible that I've requested to God... and it was granted. Maybe my online activities had stolen so much of my spiritual focus. Earlier today I've cleaned the aquarium just to remove myself away from the casual things and daily routine. 

   Days passes by wasting art materials.... can not attain the focus and joyous feeling. 

Have I lost the faith, the enthusiasm? But I would still want my children to observe the church where I have gone...the foundation should be strong in them, so they wont go astray...and in times of trouble or dismay they would have a God and know how to call Him. 

   I know I can't go on forever without fellowship with other Christians.... a Church is a Body of believers... I can not be a member of my own. I just have so many things not in agreement anymore with my local church...this is the price I pay for knowing too many things. God humble me....

   Still haven't fix my Digicam so my images are kinda off from original hue. 

Shortness of breath and toothaches plus occasional fatigue; I must be deteriorating...  

Peter means Petros; NOT Petra
Many religious people have been misled to believe that the way to God is through the Church. However, nothing could be further from the truth of God's Word. Jesus clearly stated in John 14:6, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." 

Some foolishly claim that the Church is representative of Christ, and that we should obey the church in order to follow Christ; however, no such demonic doctrine is found in the Bible. Jesus Christ is the ONLY foundation, the ONLY way to God the Father, and thus; is the ONLY One we should follow.

The name "Peter" in the Greek means "Petros" (i.e., a small stone or rock); BUT, Jesus is referred to as "Petra" (a large rock or mountain). In the original Greek Jesus said, “Thou art petros [a little piece of rock], and upon this Petra [bedrock] I will build my church.” Clearly, Jesus was NOT speaking about Peter, because Peter was only a small stone. 

The only true and sure foundation is Jesus Christ, which is plainly stated in 1st Corinthians 3:11 ... "For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ." It's that simple.

   Never let a day passes by without praying for your children....Lay your hand over their head, while you lift them up in your supplications and thanksgiving to God. You may gently brush their hair as you quote some Bible verses in their ears.
And please don't forget to pray for your self too

and of course, for your spouse also.


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