Some Blessings Are Strange...

 Strange and still wondering how I am being provided and blessed. I have to think it over and over...checking my values....I just couldn't believe. I wasn't really expecting or intentionally willing it to happen but it has to manifest either I accept it as it is...

   Elijah just graduated High-School March 26 and I'm thankful that this unexpected twist happened 'cause I've been really praying painfully to be able to provide and sustain. Now come to think of it....despite the odds. 

Just amazed that...if you badly need it and you pray very very hard for it. Heaven will open up.... it seems God can't refuse a very intense prayer. 

   Re-trying to be Hyper-Realist for now... once again.... Just testing  how far I can go. I took a little research...refresher and tips how they do it. I knew now that patience makes a big difference.... that giving up in the middle of a struggle is not going to give a very good result in the end.  


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