And so I simply Create

Must regain my desire to paint again, as I've blogged earlier my lost enthusiasm encompasses me these past days. Scanning my studio to clear my thoughts. I made a real general cleaning.... I also tested all mediums even the charcoal that had been laying inside my drawer untouched. Most of what I started never sprouted emotions.... can not even decide what to draw.... so mostly are failures or save till I get the emotion to continue.... even those pieces I did as entries for contest are dull and hurried. Never expect to win anyway....I just want to move forward and for 4s members sake. 

   Remember that there is No such thing as straight line in Nature... everything you see are compound of small atoms that your brain processes into tangible images. Small particles can be translated as pixel or layers of small dots which form the hues and eventually becoming familiar shapes. The task of your eyes is to distinguish these conglomerate of colors and shades... then the Artist's difficult job is to give us the illusion of lines even if they don't exist at all. 

Learn The Art of Seeing and not just the common practice of merely Looking.

Ang Sining kung minsan nai-uugnay bilang Simbolo ng Karangyaan.... ang kahalagahan nito'y nagsisimula at nagtatapos na lamang sa lumikha o may akda. Swerte nang mai-tuturing ang minsa'y napag-tutuunan ng pansin ang estilo at tema. 
Sa mga "can't afford" tama na ang Repro na ginupit sa lumang kalendario masabi lang meron silang kultura. 
At masasabi na bang meron kang Panlasa at damdamin sa Arte kung ang basehan mo naman ng Obra ay dahil tugma sa nabili mong sofa?


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