Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Still Painting Faces


Procrastinating could be an understatement at what I'm doing right now...after typhoon Glenda came which disrupted my attention on creating work of arts....turns my attentions into nothings. 

   That's what I've written in draft 2 weeks ago right after my birthday last July 10 and the typhoon. I've felt these sense of longing, unfinished business and as I've said melancholic tendency towards nothing at all. 

   Some purchases are just waste of money. Like buying for my face-painting stuff which I later regret because some cheap paints had no body. Although I need the therapy once in awhile to focus into something else. I hope you can follow what I'm saying. I also bought 3 new Oscar for my aquarium. 
   The focus of my artistry seems to be directed now on my face and body art. This I've never expected to bring me into certain recognition...Now I have to claim that on my credentials. 

 Photo: Bay Garden Homes @ Bae, Laguna

I'm beginning to have sentiments on my artistry and groups....need to re-evaluate where I stand. 


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fabric of My Blogs

I always had this tendency to be melancholic....out of the blue I would switch from blissfulness into state of surrender. I don't really have that too many accolades to be proud of...I'm just a worthless nobody. 
   Reading once again my other blogs, I've seen some article that I no longer believe. I am not anymore that eager to prove my stance. I simply want a peace of mind...get into life as simple as possible.
   You can still check my blog The Armor of God and Wisdom of a Fool....and see how far I've become. 2012 was perhaps the pinnacle of my blogging career. Some are written for the sake of writing while others are simply to educate myself....to reflect. 

   I don't have that zest anymore to paint...I know this is just another phase and it would go away the next day. I've written and painted some really very good stuff anyway and perhaps those we're enough reason to co-exist. 

Confined by Glenda to Create Work of Arts

I don't know but it felt like there's a bomb being drop every time the wind blows during that early morning of July 16, when typhoon Glenda hit. It was so fierce it seems it would not stop until houses and trees are not grounded. To my estimate by 3am it reach Laguna but between 5-7am was it's most ferocious moment. 
   I can see the awesome power of nature....could be man-made anyway but I can feel God's hand above the situation. I was singing praises and worship to Him during that moment. 
    For two days there was no electricity so we are confined inside the house. I had to be productive and pro-active. It's quite boring without the internet...and come to think of it, we have relied so much on electrical devises and so life has become pale without it.  
   So I was push to create, something unusual for me to do... a seascape and cockfighting.... actually I had this thought already in my mind many days ago, to create something besides faces. I need varieties....


Friday, July 18, 2014

A Face-Painter's Story and Images at Ryzza Mae's Magic Show at Solaire Resort

 When you love what you are doing, good things follows. Around five years ago, when my eldest sister Ate Fe asked me to try face-painting...it was an instant reply from God because it was during that time when I lose my job at Print Town. Totally a new field for me so I have to do some research and personal innovations. Found out that it could be a lucrative business if I have connections...especially with caterer or party organizer.  It was mostly small town parties and events back then...even not being paid properly by scam party people...Not thinking anyway that face-painting could actually make a living for me, especially if it happens only during weekends and there's that culture of lowering prices among face-painter that makes this profession unattractive to take seriously.... But then, when I saw the happy faces of children it was priceless and elating. So I continued despite the odds. Relying mostly by words of mouth and internet advertising it was running on the sidelines with my major goal as an Artist.
   And thank God, Ms. Ananta of Party Bitz and Pieces and she open a whole new door for me. Her connections expanded my horizon as well. Thru her I was casted for Showbiz Mansions Entertainment Magic show with Ryzza Mae Dizon, the small-girl wonder of Philippine television featuring Rico the Magician as well.
   This event open my eyes to new possibilities... the sideline could actually put me on the baseline or even at the front-line of this artistry. Let's see what lies ahead...

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Typhoon Glenda

For 2 days we have no electricity but thank God we are okay. I thought it was one of the fiercest wind I've ever seen...like an atomic bomb was being drop every time it blew.  At 5am of July 16 it hits hard, that's when the lights finally went off. I could see roofs being ripped off....

Yet still I was able to create some artworks.... this one was before Glenda hits

and this one during the aftermath.... no internet so I was able to fully concentrate on this....

Friday, July 11, 2014

Loom Band Magic Show with Ryzza Mae

See you here guys and gals...boys and girls of all ages. I'll be doing a face and body painting here. Could be a big exposure for my little known career besides doing drawings and murals. 

For this event alone I have to upgrade my stuff. 

Perhaps I really must take this area of my artistry seriously.