Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Still Painting Faces


Procrastinating could be an understatement at what I'm doing right now...after typhoon Glenda came which disrupted my attention on creating work of arts....turns my attentions into nothings. 

   That's what I've written in draft 2 weeks ago right after my birthday last July 10 and the typhoon. I've felt these sense of longing, unfinished business and as I've said melancholic tendency towards nothing at all. 

   Some purchases are just waste of money. Like buying for my face-painting stuff which I later regret because some cheap paints had no body. Although I need the therapy once in awhile to focus into something else. I hope you can follow what I'm saying. I also bought 3 new Oscar for my aquarium. 
   The focus of my artistry seems to be directed now on my face and body art. This I've never expected to bring me into certain recognition...Now I have to claim that on my credentials. 

 Photo: Bay Garden Homes @ Bae, Laguna

I'm beginning to have sentiments on my artistry and groups....need to re-evaluate where I stand. 


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