Confined by Glenda to Create Work of Arts

I don't know but it felt like there's a bomb being drop every time the wind blows during that early morning of July 16, when typhoon Glenda hit. It was so fierce it seems it would not stop until houses and trees are not grounded. To my estimate by 3am it reach Laguna but between 5-7am was it's most ferocious moment. 
   I can see the awesome power of nature....could be man-made anyway but I can feel God's hand above the situation. I was singing praises and worship to Him during that moment. 
    For two days there was no electricity so we are confined inside the house. I had to be productive and pro-active. It's quite boring without the internet...and come to think of it, we have relied so much on electrical devises and so life has become pale without it.  
   So I was push to create, something unusual for me to do... a seascape and cockfighting.... actually I had this thought already in my mind many days ago, to create something besides faces. I need varieties....



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