Fabric of My Blogs

I always had this tendency to be melancholic....out of the blue I would switch from blissfulness into state of surrender. I don't really have that too many accolades to be proud of...I'm just a worthless nobody. 
   Reading once again my other blogs, I've seen some article that I no longer believe. I am not anymore that eager to prove my stance. I simply want a peace of mind...get into life as simple as possible.
   You can still check my blog The Armor of God and Wisdom of a Fool....and see how far I've become. 2012 was perhaps the pinnacle of my blogging career. Some are written for the sake of writing while others are simply to educate myself....to reflect. 

   I don't have that zest anymore to paint...I know this is just another phase and it would go away the next day. I've written and painted some really very good stuff anyway and perhaps those we're enough reason to co-exist. 


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