A Face-Painter's Story and Images at Ryzza Mae's Magic Show at Solaire Resort

 When you love what you are doing, good things follows. Around five years ago, when my eldest sister Ate Fe asked me to try face-painting...it was an instant reply from God because it was during that time when I lose my job at Print Town. Totally a new field for me so I have to do some research and personal innovations. Found out that it could be a lucrative business if I have connections...especially with caterer or party organizer.  It was mostly small town parties and events back then...even not being paid properly by scam party people...Not thinking anyway that face-painting could actually make a living for me, especially if it happens only during weekends and there's that culture of lowering prices among face-painter that makes this profession unattractive to take seriously.... But then, when I saw the happy faces of children it was priceless and elating. So I continued despite the odds. Relying mostly by words of mouth and internet advertising it was running on the sidelines with my major goal as an Artist.
   And thank God, Ms. Ananta of Party Bitz and Pieces and she open a whole new door for me. Her connections expanded my horizon as well. Thru her I was casted for Showbiz Mansions Entertainment Magic show with Ryzza Mae Dizon, the small-girl wonder of Philippine television featuring Rico the Magician as well.
   This event open my eyes to new possibilities... the sideline could actually put me on the baseline or even at the front-line of this artistry. Let's see what lies ahead...

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