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Ladymay of December

My last portrait for 2013...

New Year State of Mind

Waiting for my chance to unleash my one-two punch...patiently...cunningly. Nope, I'm not going into a UFC fight; I am making huge plans for my career.
   Not just for the sheer joy of painting anymore...I don't have that luxury to paint whatever I desire. Maybe one day...if you support my cause...
   As a full-time freelance artist I realized the necessity to be able to support my family as well...and the material cost to continue what I love most. I also must think of ideas or body of work that must sell. Something the buyer can't resist or at least a valid reason for them to have my work. I've been focusing too much on ideals and passion but they don't amount into any financial least for now. Once I made my grand entrance; I can already sell my name alone. Which is of course I will never do...I want to paint the inner me. 

  December 28 when I have to make a rush travel to Makati City; Edmund Mamuyac message me the night before that we will meet a possibl…

Pardon My Eloquence

I feel so blessed...    despite recent turbulence that almost broke my reasoning capacity these past months; there are still enough reasons to laugh and cheer. I thought it would be a dry season for me since I have no line up of event on sched...yet last minute confirmation for my facepainting rescue  our financial worries for the most expensive season of all. Glory to God!!!
   At times, I had this tendencies to overspend...most especially on art materials. The addiction for sketching miscellaneous and to venture to realms only those that can afford to sustain the momentum will survive. 

Some are simply false alarm...
My philosophical humor resound the true sentiment of my domestic affairs.  No more need to covert the real status... I am still a struggling artist wishing for a corner of my own...never mind the centerstage, just a little space to call my own. At least recognized for all my worth. 
It is extremely hard to earn respect in my chosen playing field. There are evil crabs ready t…

The Sporadic Resonance of 2013

Not yet sure if this is gonna be my year-end report for 2013. Usually an annual report should be written on the first month of the following year. I just feel like evaluating my life today. Too many upturns and downturns had happen this year...four or five years in the zone yet only this year have I realized the gravity of my decision... as a freelance artist, the sense of fear just arrived late this year. 

In the Art world; it's not just about education, talent, and also need connections and sometimes CONTROVERSY.

   Natural calamities somehow affected my artistry...who wasn't? Creative mind lingers on that premise of the Universal consciousness. 

   Tagged ArtLover Group, my baby mellows as I became too crowded with personal issues and building my own artistic career. Well from time to time I still re-share artworks from other artist.     Career path seems to be stepping up on its proper places. Fellow artist said that I now have a label, a name of my own...well …

Four Seasons Awarding and On-the-spot Marathon of 4S

The much awaited day has finally arrived...Sunday Dec. 8, 2013. Could be the year-ender activity of Styles, Strokes, and Sketches Society or the opening salvo for 2014. The awarding ceremony of Four Seasons Tournament sponsored by Ms. Aubrey Pabuhat-Yano.     Venue: BF Park, BF Homes ParaƱaque City; just in front Sir Pops (Noel David) ancestral house where he grew up. A picturesque place which was dubbed as the largest subdivision in the Philippines not to mention filled with High-profile controversies. 
   We kick-off the event around 10AM with an on-the-spot painting with 3 lovely bystanders while we wait for 2 of our Main models Australian girl Christine Carluen and of course Aubrey. 

Styles, Strokes and Sketches Society members who are present in the scene...we still hope for a Grand reunion one day including those people in foreign land.  This was taken inside the David Mansion..

warm up sketch session...

The Result...a misdeal, the judges can't decide so everyone wins.    Sir Pops…