The Sporadic Resonance of 2013

Not yet sure if this is gonna be my year-end report for 2013. Usually an annual report should be written on the first month of the following year. I just feel like evaluating my life today. Too many upturns and downturns had happen this year...four or five years in the zone yet only this year have I realized the gravity of my decision... as a freelance artist, the sense of fear just arrived late this year. 

In the Art world; it's not just about education, talent, and also need connections and sometimes CONTROVERSY.

   Natural calamities somehow affected my artistry...who wasn't? Creative mind lingers on that premise of the Universal consciousness. 

   Tagged ArtLover Group, my baby mellows as I became too crowded with personal issues and building my own artistic career. Well from time to time I still re-share artworks from other artist. 
   Career path seems to be stepping up on its proper places. Fellow artist said that I now have a label, a name of my own...well at least on my circle of FB contacts. No major artworks sold except commissions. I've just realized that I'm now the most sought after face painter down here in Laguna area...No doubt about that. Haha. 
   Re-activating my membership on 4S (Styles, Strokes, and Sketches Society) on Friday the 13th of September.... was perhaps the most important decision I took this year. Re-joining the Master's Challenge are one of the biggest leap in my artistry this year no matter how simple the task given...realizing the importance of this activity to paint even if you don't like what you're doing. It's a matter of discipline and prioritizing. 

Let me review therefore some of the highlights of 2013 as far I'm concern...

   February this year when i started updating this blog again...(see Behind the Mask) also around this time when I started making individual pieces; as you all know I'm more into Visual Manuscripts these past 3 or 4 years...although it is my lifetime thesis I think I need to build up exhibition pieces too. 
   There is of course that love hate relationship with my visual manuscripts that subside when I enter Styles, Strokes, and Sketches Society or 4S. 

   Penetrating the Artworld via friends of friends on FB...attended some exhibitions especially ... During these times as you mingle with fellow artisan you realized the true colors of art in Philippine setting...politics plays a major role and so I step back for awhile. 
   Around the third quarter of this year I begun to explore various field and this I reported on Maturity in Artistic Variations...
   I've said I will make hundred of Fish series...well, so far I made fourteen...

Im-Fher-sionism...was simply an adaptation; or perhaps my default setting. 

My first entry to 4S Tournament...

2nd Entry Four Seasons...

   The underpainting that Maestro Jose Tolentino Jimenez mentioned became one of the most important tip for me this year. I think I over stock myself with green paint because of this. 

   November when I started to paint in oil pigment...still trying my luck on this area as I feel I'll be more comfortable in acrylic or anything that dries very fast...

My first one-man show via the internet...Thank you so much Ms. Turs Simsuangco for this opportunity to showcase my work. 

   Some of the highlight images of 2013...



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