New Year State of Mind

Waiting for my chance to unleash my one-two punch...patiently...cunningly. Nope, I'm not going into a UFC fight; I am making huge plans for my career.
   Not just for the sheer joy of painting anymore...I don't have that luxury to paint whatever I desire. Maybe one day...if you support my cause...
   As a full-time freelance artist I realized the necessity to be able to support my family as well...and the material cost to continue what I love most. I also must think of ideas or body of work that must sell. Something the buyer can't resist or at least a valid reason for them to have my work. I've been focusing too much on ideals and passion but they don't amount into any financial least for now. Once I made my grand entrance; I can already sell my name alone. Which is of course I will never do...I want to paint the inner me. 
  December 28 when I have to make a rush travel to Makati City; Edmund Mamuyac message me the night before that we will meet a possible client. Whom he said love my impressionism style.
   For the first time I was late on an important occasion, there was sir Pops and Armar Ramirez already waiting for me at KFC Buendia-Pasong Tamo....and we have to meet the client somewhere in Greenbelt Park 3 at The Coffee Beans. 
   Here she is Jinna the international model base in New York. She's looking for an artist who can do a modern contemporary painting for the bare wall of her condo unit. 
   So right there and then we gave her an on the spot sample, dealing with the idea of her husband...a landscape that will fuse together London and New York. The catch is; it has to be done in Modern Contemporary style. 

   Done with cappuccino at The Coffee Bean shop... Armar and I made a quick painting to see whether we qualify for the job...I just play with it and follow my heart even if I lack the color set. 

   Confident that I nailed it...since there isn't much competition...Edmund made no sample and did her on-the-spot coffee portrait instead. But if you would ask me, to be honest it was not the best work I made to please a was so naive and haphazard. I also feel I don't have the perfect set of mood that day. 

Also even after we go to Ayala Triangle for another on-the-spot just for fun...the result of my landscape are blunt. I better work on these areas since most of the time; a client can't wait for you to be inspired.

   The following night I have to make my first study....I call this "Liberty meets Big Ben" 

   Instantly it was approved the night Pops send it to Jinna to be scrutinized by her hubby. I have to pat my shoulder for a job well done.
   Therefore, she will set up another meeting with her...the detour would be it has to be on 6X6 feet canvas join together not two separate pieces. It has to be sewn together since as far as we know the maximum height of canvas in the market is only good for only 4 to 5 feet. Nothing comes without a challenge anyway. 
    So this would be my project come next year. Thank God.


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